Tuesday, 28 June 2011

When little Poppy came for the first few
days he was quiet and shy.
We were a little worried we need not
have been.

He started by attacking the vacuum cleaner
that we run and hide from.

Then he started taking Pips toys right out
 of his mouth.

Then he went into my upstairs bed, he
shouted to tell me there is another one
like him. Daft dog.

Now look he is getting cuddles like a little baby.
John told Brenda he had to be treat like a
proper dog. At least he has gone to sleep
may be the battorie has run out.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

We went for a walk and took little Poppy, he is
feeling a lot better now. I said follow me.

He had a little combat coat on he thought he
was in a jungle.

Pip said follow me or you might get lost.

 He ran in front of us, he said I will lead as I
have camouflage and I am very brave.
Oh no another daft dog.

He walked very well we walked a long way.
Now he is crashed out with Dippy Pip in the sun.
It is nice and warm now Poppy even took
his coat off.

John said Poppy looks like a little lion.
Daft human I have seen bigger mice.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

We were not back from our holiday long,
when John went out, when he came back
Pip shouted we have a rabbit. It must have
 stowed away in the shed on wheels.

Then John brought it in, he said it is a Chihuahua dog,
He needs a home he is called Poppy.!!!!
Pip and I had to laugh Poppy for a boy dog.
Then John had to remind me my name was
Tess when I came.

Little Poppy has come straight from the vets
he has had the dreaded Operation.
So he got tucked in and we had to be quite

This morning he felt a little better so I told him
to follow me outside.
He had to have a t-shirt on he said he was cold.

He is very small for his age we think he is 2 years old.

                                            He had a quick wee then ran back in, he said he
                                          was still cold.

He knew where to go for food  that's why he
ran in.
Then he went back to bed again, he will be feeling
much better tomorrow.

Friday, 17 June 2011

 Look a happy Bobby, we went camping, well in
a shed on wheels, it was better than a tent.

 I went in and claimed my bed first.
 John and Pip got one together,
Brenda will have to sleep in my little tent.
Its a good job I brought it.
We all had a little sleep then went to

There was great walks, it was a nature reserve
with lots of marsh land.
 We went to a look out platform, Pip was told not
to go in the water. He said I will drop my ball in
then I will have to go in to rescue it.

 So he did and in he went,  he swam about.
John shouted at him to come out.

He turned and swam back.
 He said in a muffled voice I just went to
save my ball.
 Now he is wet and stinky, but he still has
his ball. I can not believe John is so daft
as to think Pip did not drop it in on purpose.

This is the White water raft and canoe place
it was not doing anything while we were there.
They will practice for the Olimpic games

Pip was not allowed in when we got back he had
to have a wash.
Brenda was cooking our dinner, I was watching
the rabbits, they come quite close.
They are all over, daft Pip thinks they are
Yorkshire Terriers like him.
Some rabbits were bigger than him.
We are back now, I had a great time.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Little Oscar came for a holiday for a week,
Tyler had just gone and in came Oscar.
He said I play hide and seek. with Alicia my little
human girl, I will hide you find me.

                                        Well I have seen some hiding places but that beats
them all John saw him we did not.
He told John not to tell us where he was, so John did 
not say anything.

                                         Daft dog had to stand and shout to us in the end
he was laughing, he thought he was clever.
I just thought he was daft and told him so.

Oscar said he is very clever, Alicia takes
him to shows and they went to the
Magic Trust show they are a Charity for
Disabled children they got three Rosettes
 one was for the best behaved rescue dog.
Alicia got one for the best under Eleven 
years old trainer.  So that is  great.
We were on the field John said sit and smile and
he sat and smiled.
Then we walked on and when we looked back
he was still sitting smiling,
John said  Oscar is very good. HUH!!!

Now look  what Oscar did for Pip to my tent,
he is far to clever.     

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little Tyler was asleep with his paw on his treat, so Pip
could not pinch it.
John woke him up, he said come on you might have a new

Tyler went to meet his new brother Charles.

They got on great, so Tyler got his new home.

He was a little upset when John left him,
we have had a phone call and he is fine and
has settled in very well. He has another brother
called William who is the same as him,
the three of them are all fine together.
So that is good.