Friday, 3 February 2012

This little Bess never runs out of energy, so can anyone guesstimate her age.
I had to be a referee in case my Pip got hurt. Notice his hair cut
we did not tell him the lady came and he froze dead still.

Now we can not even vacuum the carpet.

Ah peace at last.


Mr. Pip said...

Nice job supervising Bess and Pip! And Pip, I love your haircut! I am going to get my haircut this weekend!

Your pal, Pip

Winnie said...

Oh Bob, those videos have made our day. You were being a great proper referee in that first one. I saw you give Bess a warning at one point - but I must admit that by the end of the clip you seemed to have got a bit bored and wandered off.

In the second one you looked like you were guarding the vacuum cleaner AND John and doing a great job. (We LOVE John's accent)

I do hope you get to switch the cleaner on at some point or your carpets will be deep in dog hair and crumbs.

Bess is amazing and so much fun. Is she really 15 or less do you think now?

Love and licks, Winnie

Ms. ~K said...

What fun!!!! Wish we were allowed to run in the house like that!
You go Bess!

Martha and Bailey said...

We think Bess is more like six than sixteen!
We were worn out just watching her running around that chair.
We reckon Pip has to keep running to keep warm!
Smart haircut Pip!!!
Now Bobby how are you guys going to clean the carpets?
We don't like the hoover either but we just move into another room until it is all over - the human reckons she has another basset in the hoover!
We were happy to see Bess settled down for a rest in her bed after all that action.
Martha & Bailey xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alfie here, having watched those videos I reckon Bess is brilliant. Vacuum cleaners should not be allowed. And chairs are brilliant for running around. And you were very patient Bobby.
Love from me and them too.

Raycillient said...

Dont we just LOVE "NO CLEANING DAY"! heheehe I would love to retire the vacuum anytime and it seems like you had a day rest playing refeeree to the dogs :)) Good one!

Martha and Bailey said...

Thank you for the comments on that daft dolls house blog - do you know it even has a mini basset living there!

She doesnt like us stealing all the little bits of wood she cuts up - mainly because she keeps getting her joints the wrong round!

What is it with mitre joints that could possibly be hard?

Our human is quite mad you know. She has been neglecting both her blogs of late - apparently she has no time.

Humans are so full of excuses! Be glad you are a dog Bobby, very glad indeed.........!

Martha & Bailey xxx

Oskar said...

What a cutie!

Nubbin wiggles,