Saturday, 29 March 2008

Grumpy Bobby

Well here I am a pawz rescue dog that no one wants and all I can say is it's thier loss. I am clean, I come as soon as I am called and I sleep all through the night, but I have a bad back so I am best left alone when I am lying down. When I am out I am no bother and everybody says I am a little character.

I am well known around Backhouse Park, Seaburn and Roker beach and also Tunstal Hill but it nearly blows your hair off up there, Looking at Johns head I think he must have gone up there a lot.

John and Brenda foster me and I have seen so many dogs come and go, some are so quite and shy but after a few days with lots of exercise and care they usually act like they belong here (cheek) so this really is not about me but about all of us who have needed someone to care and have been lucky enough to find that kind heart.
I do not just mean dogs even cats, rabbits and other furry little things need kind hearts too apparently.
I always have to nuzzle up to John when a dog goes because he realy gets attached to each one, I have told him not to worry I will always be here.
I will tell you about some of the dogs that have been here and those yet to come. But I have to go now John wants to go out its raining he is nuts but I better go with him.


lebdale said...

wow fantastic stuff bobby that ben the rotti really started something didnt he look forward to reading about the other dogs

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Bobby, great blog. Ma dog lady said you, John & Brenda are such a wonderful person for helping all those furkids. I was adopted by the dog lady since baby, so I have all the love...and yes, Im a jealousy dog. I got jealous when she brought back & adopted new furkids....gruff.....its not fun at all when I need to share the love with 3 others rascals....

so I guess I will need to drop by often as the dog lady said I need to learn sharing from you & your family...gruff....