Saturday, 29 March 2008

Let me know you story

Hi Bobby here back from my walk so just thought I would say why don't you dogs tell me your stories by my e-mail pictures OK as well, also if there are any of you out there who need help get in touch with Lynne or Liz at
By the way sorry about ranting on about Lassie in my profile I am sure she was a lovely dog and I did not mean to upset any collie types.
I suppose you are starting to realise why I am called grumpy.

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cool hand Luke said...

Hi Bobby, Cool Hand Luke here, My foster mum and Dad said to say hello and hope you remember them even though you only stayed with them for one week, they tell me you are very cute but I think they are just trying to make me jealous.
I go for lots of walks too and we go along the riverside where there are sometimes the biggest dogs you ever saw. Dave my foster Dad said they are called horses, I am learning to make friends with other dogs and am doing well im told but boy these horses are scary !!!
bye for now , Luke xx