Sunday, 30 March 2008

This is Molly she came to stay while her owner was in Hospital, sadly her owner died yesterday.Now Molly is like me she needs a new home too I am feeling so sorry for her but I am trying to cheer her up.
We had to laugh this morning we went to Back house Park and John had Just washed the car when we came back the crows had made it look like it had big white spots all over, he only said ah look at that, I said to Molly I bet he would have said more if we had jumped on the bonnet and did that so we had a little laugh.
I will tell you about Molly she is 11 years old but boy is she fit John throws the ball for her and she brings it back and I do what I always do I run along beside her and bark.
Molly is also one of those dogs that when John talks to her she puts her head on the side then the other side like she really knows all that gobbledygook he talks, but it seems to amuse him, well it doesn't take much.(Simple minds and all that If he thinks I am going to do all this drooling over him he can think again) anyway I digress)
Molly is good in the house she is clean and sleeps through the night which is just as well because I hate being disturbed I need my sleep and really enjoy going to my bed.
Molly has been put on the pawzforthought site and the old dogs site last night after they got the sad news of her owner, I think Molly knew she put her head in the air and gave a long wail in the afternoon.
I am on the pawz site and the old dog site too, but when I looked on the pawz site there was all the dogs cats rabbits guinea pigs and gerbils then me right at the bottom people have picked a dog before they get to me.
I got on the phone to tell them to move me up if they had spiders and ants I would have been after those as well. its just not on.
Now here is something else not right I was looking out of the window and there is seagulls standing on roofs and TV aerials now are they seagulls or land gulls they are living on kebabs fried fish and chips and MacDs even pizzas well I suppose its just as well because they are cleaning up what all the yobs toss down.

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