Monday, 16 February 2009

Today started off okay but then it went a little crazy, we went to the park early and the crows followed us about the Mop was shouting go away.

They took no notice of him, they just crowed at him saying we live here its our park, our ancestors were here long before you came in, and you can not even fly.
When we came back John asked Brenda to cut his hair, then he was going on about the bit she leaves sticking up on the top of his head, so she said do it your self then and walked away. He said you can not leave me with half a hair cut, she said I can and I am.
John said I will just wear my hat, and went out to wash the shed on wheels, Brenda brought the car round and said will you wash this while you are on.
John has washed half the car only the passenger side, he said he will wash the other side when she finishes cutting his hair.
They are like bits of kids, I said to the Mop they are as daft as you.
This afternoon we went to the beach, we saw our furends well my furends Susie Oscar and little Ruby no furbody likes the Mop anymore. I was so pleased to see my human friends Mary and Jan.

The Mop went crying to Mary he said they will not talk to me, little Ruby said he hurt my feelings, Susie said tell him to get lost. He started to cry even more so little Ruby said she will forgive him, she felt sorry for him.

Ruby jumped up and gave the Mop a cuddle her brother Oscar just turned and walked away, Susie said you are daft Ruby.

I said to John he is lucky they are forgiving him, Ruby has no sense yet.


Lorenza said...

Sounds like John has a very interesting haircut now!
Kisses and hugs

Martha Basset said...

Well we all have to forgive Pip cos he is still young. You will have to teach him Bobby how to behave in a mature manner like you!
We think you will also learn from your humans cos Brenda will forgive John and finish the haircut. John will forgive Brenda and finish the car.
Life is all about give and take!!
As for the crows - what a cheek! We would set Bailey on them and they would soon move!