Saturday, 14 February 2009

Well Pip (The Mop) is not the only one to get a valentine, there, see I got this off two lovely ladies, Martha and Bailey, Thank you. The Mop is not a loyal little thing anyway.
He is sending Valentines all over the place, here is one he sent to Sasha because he said that's who sent him the one on comments. [he thinks]

Sasha thank you for the Valentine,
I'm glad you think my ears are fine.
I think I'm as handsome as can be,
It is no wonder you fancy me.
But I am afraid you will have to stand in line,
So many want to be my Valentine.
Only joking, my dear with you,
It's you I love, my love is true.
You had my heart from when we first met,
What a shame we had to go to the VET.

Daft dog he thinks he is clever, but I am going to tell the truth about him.

Look with Martha he said

I will love you Martha till the end of time,

You will always be my special valentine.

Then to Tilly

Tilly you are the best girl I have ever known,

you have my heart just you and you alone.

You will always be my love my Valentine,

and I will be yours till the end of time.

He has even thrown himself at Molly

He said.

Even though your older and bigger than me,

Please be my valentine and make me happee

Even Samantha he declared his love for, and Flossy in fact every dog that has come here to stay for a while.

Now he is on about little Ruby, I said she is far too young for you, he said he will Wait until she is older.

The stupid little thing, I blame John for letting him watch the film Casanova.


Martha Basset said...

Martha is devastated to learn about Pip. She is away to lie down with a Bonio and a cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

Oh Pip we girls always fall for a cad,
And you sound like the perfect little lad.
But you seem to have forgot one small thing,
You can not produce any off spring.
The vet was cruel that sad sad day,
When he took your bits and pieces away.

Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, Bobby, what a pawsome Valentine! It is so furry nice, and a great picture of you, too!

That Mop, what a playboy. Better remind him that the girls don't like a desperate doggy!