Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just look at me, I could not believe my eyes this morning, now I know it rained all night but I was not prepared for my park to be flooded.
We walked to the bridge and could not cross, John said we will go to the next bridge.
The next bridge was just as bad, we finally got over at the top bridge.
I got a shock now there is a lake in my park, and daft furbodys were playing in it.
They were chasing about and looked like they were enjoying it.
Guess who wanted to join them?.
Pip asked if he could go and play in the water, John said no he could not, he said they are big dogs, it would come over your head. John put the lead on him quick before he dashed in.
Jerry said I do not want to go in so I do not need my lead on.
We had to go back to the top bridge again, so I hope it does not rain tonight. we might not even get in the park if it does,


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
Sure you had lots of rain there at your place!
I know it was not funny to find your park flooded!
Kisses and hugs

Eric said...

Well luv a duck! Look at all that water.You sure Jerry didn't add to it?

I'm sad to hear you have problems with your heart Bobby. Must be because it's full of love and happiness - you don't fool me. I hope you are ok and the medicine helps you. I'll send you ooodles of terrier zen Bobby.

Wiry wags n kissies Eric xxx

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby, we have had lots of rain too!
We are not flooded but it is very wet - the humans are slipping in the mud on their walks!
Thank goodness Pip had his lead on - he would have been right in there.
Sounds as though Jerry has more sense.
We hope you don't have any more rain or you will need a boat!
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxxx

happy said...

You've certainly had a lot of rain there. Oh Pip, you wouldn't want to go in there.