Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is Jerry's last day with us, he has a new home to go to.
We went to the park before he went, I said I will try to teach you what to do one more time follow me
I said we will find a nice bush or tree.
Then we pee like this, not on other furbodys.
Pip said when Jerry goes he will have a nice bath, so he will be all clean. He will be the cleanest dog I know if he gets washed any more. I have just noticed he is nearly a Mop again.
Jerry went to his new home when we got back, so we wish him a good life with his new family.

We went to the park tonight and I had a new flashy light on my collar.
We saw Oscar the Beagle, he said aw Bob I like your flashy light, where did you get it from. He said from a distance he thought Santapaws had come early.
Pip had his flashy collar on, he has a light to but with his little legs it nearly trails on the ground.
Oscar the boxer was there and a new pup we have not seen before.

When we came home Pip was guarding his toys, I said daft dog Jerry has gone
just come here and relax.

He said I can not rest I will count all the toys in the morning.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
I am sure Jerry is going to be very happy at his new home!
No more pee on Pip! Wow!
Kisses and hugs

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby
We are very happy for Jerry and for Pip!
We hope Jerry has learned the lessons you have taught him or he might not make many doggie friends!
We liked your little glow collar and Pip's - very cool!
Tell Pip we are sure all the toys will be there - we expect Jerry's new family have got some ready for him.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Eric said...

Bobby you're a hoot!! Mom was in near hysteria reading your last couple of bloggies about dirty Jerry and poor Pip.Don't know why she thought so funny cos there is a little Pip at the park I go to and guess what I tried to do to him the other day??? Drats, he ran away before I got my aim right good and proper. Hope Jerry is happy in his new home. Maybe it's near me and he can teach me how to do it right.

Wiry wags n kisses Eric (and Mom's still laughing)

happy said...

Glad to hear Jerry has gone to a new home. You can relax now, Pip. Poor you...;-)

✿A 'n' L✿ said...

We wish Jerry had pawsome days at his new place. We're sure you miss him now, right?

Alex & Lolo

Pedro said...


Congrats to Jerry on his new home. It sure was nice of you to show him around and point out the good spots to pee!


Anonymous said...

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