Thursday, 12 November 2009

We were in the Park today I was not feeling to good, little Pip shouted me, he said Jerry has piddled on me again.

I looked and Jerry was not near him I said don't tell lies.
Jerry was just walking behind Pip.
Jerry said I did not do anything, I would not do that.
Alfie the boxer who was having a rest said I saw him do it, Jerry walked up and peed on him.

Oscar the boxer said I saw him to.
Look his back is wet.
Pip said yes and Bobby did not believe me, so when we came home I went and gave him a big cuddle. I said I am sorry for not believing you, you are my best furend.
He said its okay Bobby, I am glad we are furends, He said I love you Bobby. I felt much better
this daft little dog made me feel good.
I said, Thank you I love you to, my little Pip.


Martha and Bailey said...

Aw Bobby, how sweet - now we are worried - you are not feeling well, are you?
It is so unlike you to be soooo sweet to little Pip!
We hope you are taking your medication and soon feeling better. We think Jerry will not be too popular if he likes to pee on other doggies!
What great pics of Alfie and Oscar too!
Martha & bailey xxx

happy said...

Bobby, I've always known you have a soft spot for Pip. Sure both of you are the best of furends! Hope you're feeling better, Bobby.

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby
The bus advert is Barry the Basset for Real Radio.
We think he is very cool and looks a lot like Martha!
One of our human brothers is called Barry and is not pleased that there is a basset with the same name!!!
Hope you are feeling better today and back to being you usual grumpy self.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
What happened to you that you were not feeling well??
I hope now you are much better!
Whatsup with those boxers??
Kisses and hugs