Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hi all fur bodys I am very Grumpy today I am sick of Pip and John
When we went out Pip was told to keep to the path and not to go in deep snow.
He usualy goes in deep snow then  cries when he is cold so we have to come home.
John says we have to go Pip is to cold, so he spoils my walk

Today I shouted at him stay out of the field keep on the path we have made.

He said I am, look I am right here on the path old Grumpy.

Next thing I looked and there he is in the field, I yelled at him to get out.

He said I am making my own path. Stupid daft dippy dog.

Now he is crying saying he needs to go home he is cold the snow is sticking to
him like Velcro.
I grumped when we got home, John said if I did not stop I could go and live
outside. I said that suits me.
John wet out for ages then shouted me, there you are he said live there.

I said whats that, John said its your snow kennel

He said I will just go and get your bed, I followed him in and went on my bed
I have been quite since then.

I am not asleep I keep looking up at DAFT DIPPY PIP look at him.

Before I shoved the ball in his mouth to shut him up, he said its nice to be in the
house all warm and comfy Bob. He is a creepy little,  ah well never mind.


Martha and Bailey said...

Well Bobby, what a cheek John has thinking you can live in a snow kennel!!!!
That Pip is such a little sook - we can see that!
(He is kinda cute thought!)
You stay in the warm - Martha went out on her own and was scared of all the little kids sledging....!
She is not so brave without Bailey.
Sometimes, although they can be a pest, it is good to have another dog in the house!
Martha and Bailey xxx

susie said...

AAAAh Bobby i know how Pip feels my coat is just like his and i love to roll over in the snow then it sticks to me and by the time we get home i'm full of ice balls i love your ice kennel but i'm sure John would'nt let you live in there he loves you too much
Susie x

Ms. ~K said...

I must say I felt sorry for the little bugger all covered in snow!
Hope you all stay nice and cozy!

♥ Sallie said...

LOL! is a very nice ice kennel...

Just teasing!

If I were you I would start shopping for doggie coats and boots! :)


Winnie said...

I'd be grumpy too if I had someone like Pip spoiling my walks by not doing what he was told.

That's why the rescue kennels told my people I needed to be an only dog....

I'm sure John was only joking about the snow kennel. But I think you do right by lying low for a while just in case.

Love from Winnie (a sometimes grumpy old girl) xxx

Lorenza said...

Pip looked like a Snowman!
Glad everything is ok and you are inside... warm and comfy!
Kisses and hugs

TwoSpecialWires said...

BOBBY! You didn't give up on us! (And we didn't give up on Moma. We KNEW that someday she'd help us get back on track.) You made our DAY! (Night, actually!) We are sooo happy to see you back in prime form. Keeping Pip (and John) in line. And reminding us of our new vocabulary. Daft. Dippy. Pipsqueak. We are gonna try some of those words on little Andy when we see him in a few weeks in Florida. They seem fitting.

See what a good influence you can be?

Jake and Fergi

Stella said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't have a lot of patience with Dippy Pip either. Why doesn't John put her on a lead and just keep her on the trail you have made? Its partly John's fault, isn't it? He would never make you sleep in an igloo like that one.

Keep your sunny side up, Bobby!


havetailwillwag said...

HAHAHA!! Pip looks so cute with his toy in his mouth. He looks like a little baby with a pacifier :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

We're back. Remember we were gonna use our new vocabulary on little Andy in Florida? We did. It was fun. He thought it was funny. He liked our accents. And then he had to leave. For The Bridge. It was really quite sad ... we miss him a lot. BUT. Gramma adopted little Bella (from the dog jail) and all is well. Again. She's young. We can teach her a LOT of good words when we go back this summer.

Your students
Jake and Fergi