Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brenda is still away so I am looking after John and Pip,
Pip lost his ball this morning so he insisted on bringing his little rabbit.

We went down to my field the little rabbit got shook about.

Pounced on.

Shoved in the mud

Poor thing I felt quite sorry for him.

Then a lady shouted, I think this is your ball Pip.

So he ran for his ball and left the little rabbit lying in the mud.

John had to carry a scruffy rabbit home, everybody we saw
said have you been hunting.

Now it has been washed and is drying it is still smiling.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

We are behind with our blog and visits, its Johns fault he keeps being busy.
Little Jock has been visiting a lady who is retiring in a couple of weeks, she seems
to like Jock and he is happy with her. So it could mean he has got a home,
we have told him he must be good, the lady is on her own, so Jock will be better as he
likes women.

Jock is away with Brenda who has gone to see her mum & dad  she went on the train and she said Jock was very good.

Now you know we usually get sausages for evening treats, well not now because the
vet nurse saw John and said have you got lard butt with you.
Well that was not quite what she said it was a little more crude, but she meant Pip
so I can not have sausages because Pip is on a diet.
I am not happy about it.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011

We all got a chew treat I was chomping away when Pip pinched it.

Jock is looking for some where to hide his.

Guess who is watching where Jock hides his.

Now he is lying on one his paw on the other, daft thing tried to push his under
the chair.

I went and told John so Pip got told off and Jock got his back

He said he was never going to put it down again.

I got mine I am watching it, but I can feel my eyes closing.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Harvey has gone for his operation, then he will be looked after by
someone else until he gets a new home.

We sent Pip to ask could we go to the beach again, as it was sunny.

There was lots of humans and furbodys there, we met uncle Brian
and auntie Liz they have Taylor, Sasha, Whisky, Pippa and Jasper.
They found it so hard to part with foster dogs.

Every furbody went to say hello I went to check my pee-mail
and reply.

Pip wanted all the furbodys to chase him into the water daft thing
it is still cold.

Then they all came to see me but I was still checking my wall.
Taylor was still trying to get Pips ball

Guess who got the ball little Whisky the Poodle

Jock was stood on the sand when a wave came right in, he got a shock. That will
teach him not to stand with his back to the sea.

We all had a good time. we like the beach.