Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hi John said Brenda has been very kind, she has put up with all the dogs coming in and out, so I should do something nice for her, so I wrote her a little Christmas poem.

Ode to Brenda's nose
Brenda has the reddest nose that I have ever seen,
I have not seen another like it no matter where I have been.
When it’s dark and we go up stairs very late at night,
We follow the glow from Brenda’s nose we don’t need a light.

The Mop Tilly and I are worried whatever would we do,
If Rudolph got sick and SANTA PAWS came for you.
For if he saw your glowing red nose I am sure he just might,
Say Brenda come and guide my sleigh on this important night.

John said he knows exactly what Santa would do,
He would send Rudolf off to bed and definitely come for you.
But then we had a giggle thinking of the sight,
You in front of the reindeer's running through the night.

John said he is not worried about dinner on Christmas day,
Brenda can peel the veggies as she runs the Milky Way.
So that when she gets back there won’t be much to do,
Just cook the turkey and the veg and lay the table too.

Then when the meal is over we will relax and have a drink,
While Brenda does the dishes at the kitchen sink.
By now she might be tired and need a little rest’
Before she gets the tea ready cos Brenda does it best.

Our toys will be all over scattered around the floor,
There will be bits of treat that Pip hid under a door.
So John and us dogs will be tired we will have had a busy day,
So we will all go to bed while Brenda clears away.


Martha Basset said...

Bobby - I am worried that Brenda will read that poem and you will have nobody to cook the dinner, tidy the mess and wash the dishes!
Brenda sounds like Cinderella - she is very kind and gives lovely cuddles to scared dogs like me. Perhaps Brenda would like to come to Scotland for her xmas dinner and then what will you all do?
Martha x

Anonymous said...

Yes I would love to come to Scotland for Christmas [ and for all of 2009 ] to escape from all the chaos that this lot cause in Sunderland

Martha Basset said...

Fairy godmother on her way to you - you will have three wishes, choose wisely!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
I am not so sure Brenda is going to be happy reading your poem-plans for her!
Be nice and give her a paw!
Kisses and hugs

Happy said...

Oh Bobby...I'm sure you'd give Brenda mixed feelings after she read this.

Hope Brenda gets well soon! Hugs to her.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

catsmother said...

I kept one of those comments you get on calendars because it seems somehow appropriate:
When you marry a person with pets, you marry into a certain kind of madness.
Nice though but!

Best wishes and love to all

Pat & Bella