Sunday, 7 December 2008

Little Tilly did not get a new home after all there was a serious illness in the family, so it was not the time for them to have a dog, she will be here a while longer until the right home comes along.
Brenda went out yesterday and came back with another dog her name is Martha

She has been in kennels for a very long time and she is very shy and nervous. This morning we all went to the park. then John took Martha out by herself so he could talk to her without all of us interrupting.
When they came back she was a little better, this afternoon he took her out first on her own, I was not happy about it, but he came back and took us out.
To night he has talked all soft to her and she is getting much better.

In fact she got too friendly

I grumped at her and she has gone outside John told me off he has spent all day getting her to come in and now she is afraid again.


Lorenza said...

Be nice with Martha please!
She will not take your place, you all can share the love!
Kisses and hugs

Achilles Wong said...

oh bobby. we hope you'll help john and work on improving brenda's disposition.

all of you are such angels and your work is indeed very inspiring to all animal welfare advocates and animal lovers around the world.

hope lots of blessings will come your way this Christmas and we hope that some of those blessing involve good homes for Tilly and Brenda (and the Mop- if he is willing)..

drooly kisses,


btw, you are in our paw it forward campaign. please check back at our blog for the rules. thanks

taz and all the dogs in need said...

Fingers crossed Brenda gets saved for her forever home...............May be after christmas though, as she will be needed to cook the turkey.

Our love to Martha and the gang

Bobby said...

Aw John said he is quite happy for Brenda to get re-homed, he will keep Martha she does not nag him.

Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, that's a shame about Tilly. I'm sure she'll find another home soon enough, though.

Martha looks quite lovely, but I don't think you need to grump at her. She's not taking your place, I can promise you that! But I imagine that it gets a bit tiring to have all the foster dogs all the time, in your home and with your people. Just try to be nice to her, she will leave eventually.

Brown dog kisses,