Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Well here we are on the edge of a New year and I was just doing this little file with the dogs who have come to John and Brenda's and have all needed help and a new home. I was thinking of some I had grumped at. So I have decided to make a New Year resolution I will not grump again, and I am sorry for grumping at any dog I grumped at.

pawzforthought is just one of so many charities that help animals and John is just one of so many fosteres and yet in a short time there have been so many dogs here with us. It would be nice to think next year there would be less because people were more responsible and realised an animal is a big commitment a dog more than some as we are totally reliant on our owners.

Monday, 29 December 2008

This is me I got a present first, then the Mop and Tilly got theirs, they did not know what to do, so I had to show them.
We all chose the same thing first.

I got a chicken off Martha and Bailey and some throw chews, the Mop and Tilly have tore about playing with the chicken, I could not even get a go at it. I have got more presents that I have not opened yet because the gruesome twosome grab every thing and hide them so I will wait. They opened all their things and ate some of everything I thought they would be sick.

They still were fighting over little bits of chews all afternoon. Then they fell asleep, peace at last.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hi, I hope you all had a good Christmas I did, I was so pleased with my Treats squeakers and of course all my cards.

These are mine

and these from around the world thank you to all my dogie pals.But the best of all I got a dog tag instead of my foster label
On the picture of me at the top I have a plastic tag, now I have a proper one.
Brenda must have liked my poem.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hi John said Brenda has been very kind, she has put up with all the dogs coming in and out, so I should do something nice for her, so I wrote her a little Christmas poem.

Ode to Brenda's nose
Brenda has the reddest nose that I have ever seen,
I have not seen another like it no matter where I have been.
When it’s dark and we go up stairs very late at night,
We follow the glow from Brenda’s nose we don’t need a light.

The Mop Tilly and I are worried whatever would we do,
If Rudolph got sick and SANTA PAWS came for you.
For if he saw your glowing red nose I am sure he just might,
Say Brenda come and guide my sleigh on this important night.

John said he knows exactly what Santa would do,
He would send Rudolf off to bed and definitely come for you.
But then we had a giggle thinking of the sight,
You in front of the reindeer's running through the night.

John said he is not worried about dinner on Christmas day,
Brenda can peel the veggies as she runs the Milky Way.
So that when she gets back there won’t be much to do,
Just cook the turkey and the veg and lay the table too.

Then when the meal is over we will relax and have a drink,
While Brenda does the dishes at the kitchen sink.
By now she might be tired and need a little rest’
Before she gets the tea ready cos Brenda does it best.

Our toys will be all over scattered around the floor,
There will be bits of treat that Pip hid under a door.
So John and us dogs will be tired we will have had a busy day,
So we will all go to bed while Brenda clears away.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Look at me I can not even get on my bed, the two little gremlins have put toys on it they have jumped all over my bed and fought on it, now its all messed up. Tilly has been worse than the Mop today she went and dug in soil and came in with dirt all over her.

John told her Santa Paws will not come to dirty dogs, so she ran and jumped in the bath, what a daft dog, there is no water in.

John had to rinse her down to get the dirt off her, then we were all relaxing and Tilly disappeared, there she was again standing in the bath.

She said she wants to be really clean for Christmas so she will get some presents.
The Mop is worried about the Labrador he said he was his friend and would he get anything off Santa Paws. John said he was sure he would, the Mop did become very friendly with him, he listened to the poor thing.
He tried to comfort him, John said he is sure the Mop has been here before because he is very understanding for 10 months old.
But to me he is just a daft dog who looks like a Mop with little legs.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Well the poor Lab went off to the vets, the vet nurse is going to look after him until he puts some weight on, they could not put him out to clean his teeth or anything he is too thin.
I am sure he will be happier now and will be well looked after so that will be great for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas I have been here for a whole year now, a year with foster John and nobody has ever wanted me. I said next year for Christmas I will have a nice new bed. John said you might have a new home by then, and your new mam and dad might get you one, so I said it does not matter I will just keep my old bed, and stay with you.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hi, The RSPCA have been and taken lots of pictures of the poor Lab, they will try to trace the owner. The poor thing his nails are so long they are curling round. He is a bag of bones, he will be going to the vets tomorrow, after he has had a few meals and some rest.

I still had a little grump at him because he came near my bed but he knows now not to do it again. He did not grump back he just wagged his tail. The Mop and Tilly think he is great.

John has took him for a walk he said he walks right beside him, he said you don't even know he is on the lead. Not like me I am like a train, well that's what John said. John has put grooming stuff on him and brushed him so he does look a lot better.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I was just thinking of going to bed, the Mop was already asleep when Auntie Lynne rang to say she was bringing a poor Labrador over.

He looks very thin all his bones are sticking out, he will have to go to the vets to be all checked out. We don't know what to call him John said we will have to go through the alphabet and see which letter he takes notice of, like we did with Tilly.

I will give him some of my food and treats, John said we will have to give him small amounts at a time.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hi, Martha did go yesterday, she has gone to Scotland, her new Mum rang to say she was settling in okay. So by the time Santa Paws is due she will have forgot her past and it will be like she has always lived there.

I told the Mop there was no Santa Paws and he went and told John, John told him not to worry, he said if you believe in him you get Treats and squeakers and if like Bobby .you don't then you get nothing.. The Mop told Tilly so they both went to Brenda to tell her what I had said, and she said the same as John..

I told the Mop I was only joking and I knew there was a Santa Paws, I do believe, because if I don't I might not get anything.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Martha Okay after all

I can not believe this you all know how John has gone on at me to be kind to Martha, well I have decided she is okay and calm, easy to get along with, in fact I quite like her. The Mop and Tilly flying about yanking each others ears gets on my nerves so Martha is no bother. Then after all that John said Martha has got a new home and is going on Saturday to Scotland and will have a sister Basset Hound. Well if I new how to use the phone I would ring her new Mam and Dad and ask if they will swap and take the Mop and Tilly instead.

Look how relaxed she is now this is good, because we could be two couch potatoes together.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

John has gone and asked the three stooges if I had grumped at them today,
well I have not, so they had to tell the truth.
We went to the park but Pip could not come because of the stream, it is deep but he still runs in with the big dogs but he has to swim, and it is very cold. He has to go out when we come back, we can not go to the beach because of him going in the water.

I walked very close to Martha and I did not grump at her at all.

John is very pleased with me he said I was a good boy, so they are all talking to me now.
Happy Bobby.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Look at me still nobody talking to me, and look at them all being cuddled in, I wish I had not grumped at Martha now.

I will go to John and tell him I am sorry, he will say that it is okay then they will talk to me again,

He said I had to go and say sorry to Martha and Tilly for being so grumpy, they were playing outside so I went out, they all looked at me and said here is grumpy. So I said at least I have a home, you don't really live here. My mouth I will never learn, they went running in to John, he had to tell them the truth so now they are comforting each other and John is not speaking to me again.

PAM G, I have had some great older dogs re-homed, If you e-mail me on bobby.grumpy@gmail I am sure we can help you find a dog that would be suitable for you. This is Gyp who is re-homed and loving her new home.
This is her in her new home with new collar and making herself at home.
If you look through older posts there are so many Rex, Molly, Jack, Sam, and others that come in because of owners death or illness or going to live where they are not allowed pets.
It is great that people will give an older dog another chance, thank you for asking do get in touch.

Monday, 8 December 2008

John would not speak to me because I grumped at Martha again, the Mop took her to tell John.

John told them to take no notice he said we will all ignore him.That Mop is always telling tales, I saw him whispering to Martha but I could not hear what he said.

Martha has ignored me and come in and passed me like I was not here I think I saw her laugh at me as she passed, I bet the Mop has told her my real name.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Little Tilly did not get a new home after all there was a serious illness in the family, so it was not the time for them to have a dog, she will be here a while longer until the right home comes along.
Brenda went out yesterday and came back with another dog her name is Martha

She has been in kennels for a very long time and she is very shy and nervous. This morning we all went to the park. then John took Martha out by herself so he could talk to her without all of us interrupting.
When they came back she was a little better, this afternoon he took her out first on her own, I was not happy about it, but he came back and took us out.
To night he has talked all soft to her and she is getting much better.

In fact she got too friendly

I grumped at her and she has gone outside John told me off he has spent all day getting her to come in and now she is afraid again.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Hi, John has been determined to teach us to dance since he went to watch Disco, Pogo and Whiz. I gave in and gave it a go because the Mop and Tilly wanted to. John and Brenda taught us this little dance. I was fed up it took us a whole hour to learn it. He said he will teach us another dance, I told him to get lost if he thinks I am wasting another hour he can think again.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tilly on guard

I have put Tilly on guard so I can do the blog while Old Grumpy is outside, he has walked about calling Tilly and me all day. Its bad enough he calls me the Mop but he is really rude when John is not there. So I will tell you his real name, its a girlie name its T

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tilly is much better today, she would not let the Mop have the Kong, so he was crying and begging. But she just teased him and moved away.
Then they ran about playing so she obviously feels okay.
Boy was it cold this morning I like to go out but I am pleased to get home again. I hope it gets warm soon, John said we have a few months to go yet.