Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hello Grumpy here, Little Maddie has got some people coming to see her tomorrow, if they like her they will adopt her. John said they are bound to want her she is so nice. Brenda said we should show them Bobby and tell them this is her, then she could keep Maddie. John said I am sure they would notice the difference between a little angel and an old grumpy dog, how dare he when he is just a grumpy old man.
Maddie heard them talking about her and listened in, I said not to or like me you hear things you don't want to.
Now she is all worried about may be moving on to a new home I said don't be daft you will get all spoilt, lots of treats a nice new bed and loads of love.
She said well you go, I said nobody wants me just John and that is okay with me.
Pip who is fast becoming a Mop again said Aw come on I will show you how to cock your leg before you go, I said daft dog she does not do that. Maddie ran in and said she is going to hide.
Pip has a little soft spot for Maddie he went to her, he said don't worry, I know it will be a great home or John would not let you go. I will give you some of my toys to take, and I will think of you, anyway they might not like you.


Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby, we are happy to hear that Maddie possibly has a new home - we cannot imagine anyone not falling in love with her immediately.
Pip would love it if she stayed! He seems to get very attached to all the dogs.
You know John and Brenda could never manage without you!
Just think Bobby a year ago you and Pip were looking after me!!!
Bailey was enjoying her life as an only dog........
Ah well, paws crossed for Joe in X factor!
Martha xxx

Lorenza said...

I am sure they are going to love Maddie. She is adorable!
I know Pip is going to miss her a lot!
Kisses and hugs

TwoSpecialWires said...

We know, 'cause we read ahead, that this ends with a happy ending! Thanks to you! (Or despite some of you! Heeheeheee!)

Jake and Fergi xxoo