Friday, 18 December 2009

We are so pleased to get home today, John could not sleep so we were at my park very early.
It was freezing and there was snow every where.
My paws were so cold, I had to keep lifting a leg up.
I even tried running to keep warm.
I shouted to Pip do you want to go now.
He said he was ready over an hour a go.
When we got in there was little Danny, all cosy and warm on my blanket,
he said is it cold outside, I am nice and warm. I am glad I can not go out yet.


Lorenza said...

Danny is very smart!
Going out when is cold and dark is something I refuse to do!
I hope John had a good nap after that early walkie!
Kisses and hugs

bbes tribe said...

Danny was just keeping your blanket warm for you. Looks like you could have used little boots.
Ernie & Sasha

Eric said...

Jeepers Bobby. Wasn't it coooooolddd today.Though my paws would drop off. looks like you did too. Seems Danny has a bit of sense to stay inside all warm and cosy. Did he dare to share some of it with you when you got back home? Make sure John gets you a hotty water bottle in your bed for tonight. Got to run. Mom keeps droooling on the keyboard at cute Danny's face. Whats wrong with mine then? Or yours? We are just as handsome.

Wiry love Eric xxx

Marvin said...

My Jeannie used to have a tortoise called Danny......

I think your Danny looks much more fun than a tortoise though!