Monday, 21 December 2009

It is still very cold so we did not stay at the park very long, I said to Pip lets visit my trees then go home. When we got in little Danny had pinched Pips best toy.

Pip asked for it back, Danny also had my blue fluffy bow and he would not give them back.
Pip said I will take my frog back, Danny said you can have it.
He ran into Pips bed I have lots of toys in here.


Lorenza said...

You two were freezing outside and Danny was having fun with your toys inside!
Kisses and hugs

Eric said...

Crickeeey Bobbbyyy. Isn'ttt ittt freeeezzzing c c c oollldd? No wonder you didn't spend long in the park.Hope you don't have to go for a walk tomorrow. I went for one long slide this morning no walking at all cos we could hardly stand.

Stay in the warm with Danny and protect your toys - bark at him in your deep grown up boy bark - he'll be dead jelly.

Wiry love Eric xxx

happy said...

Brrr...that really cold! Looks like Danny is pretty smart to stay warm indoor with all the toys for entertainment.

bbes tribe said...

We think Danny likes it when you go outside cuz he has free run of playing with all your toys and stuff. That belly shot of Danny. Looks like you guys wore him out.
Ernie & Sasha