Saturday, 24 October 2009

I am so pleased the rain has stopped we got soaked before, it is a good job it has cheered me up. Every time we get a home for a furbody, another furbody arrives. Not only that but Sam who we got a home for has come for a holiday.
Little Jerry is feeling a lot better today, he enjoyed a little walk with us, then Brenda took him home.
He has to take it easy for a while, John is going on again about how great he is, every furbody that comes in is always better than us.

Still it was nice in the park all the leaves are falling and when the sun came out they were all pretty colours, well that's what John said. But I think he knows less than me, even I could cook sausage without burning it.


Mack and Sally Ann said...

Don't be upset with your Mommy and Daddy. They are helping other doggies to find good homes.
Sally Ann

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby, we are all up early this morning something to do with the clock going back!
Nice to see wee Jerry looking a bit happier after his op.
Remember Bobby these other dogs come and go - you and Pip stay - so that makes your pretty special.
We hope the other dogs end up as lucky as you are - stop grumping now and get out there and enjoy the sun.
love and kisses
lucky Martha & Bailey xxx