Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I can not believe little daft Pip, because some one came to the door, and John came back and said its kids for trick or treat. Pip said treats they come to the door and get treats.
I said yes or they play a trick on you if you do not give them one, they come in scary masks.
So now the stupid thing wants to go trick or treating too.

He said is this scary enough, I said no it looks better than you normally look and you have two ears sticking up instead of one, anyway you will not get any treats, people do not give dogs treats, just children. So he said then I will have to play a trick on them. I said what trick are you going to play he said he will pee on their step so he is now drinking bowls full of water.


Martha Basset said...

Oh Bobby, Pip does look very scary - we will give him treats - tell him not to pee on our doorstep!
Cool pic!!
Martha & Bailey xx

Lorenza said...

Sounds like Pip have very interesting plans!
Good luck with the treat or trick!
Kisses and hugs

Eric said...

Eeekkk. Pip looks very scary. made me pee on my own door step.And the kitchen floor. And in my crate. Allover really. Don't tell will you Bobby?

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxx

Hope little Sasha is doing ok. You are wagging Bobby to help all these poor doggies find new homes. We hope Saash finds her perfect one soonest.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan. 'Specially for Jake. Who is just learning to pee on doorsteps. Pip'd scare it outta him, for sure.

Fergi (Jake's sleeping)