Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lots of furbodys have asked was Martha with me, well yes she was, at this time she was not the Super Star she is now, no sorry Mega Super Star.
Furbodys have asked was I kind to her of course I was.
Mopy Pip use to tell her to go and ask for a treat, so we would all get one.

Martha always got the first treat and we boys just waited.
The first strokes.
The adoration of the Mop.

The best cuddles., notice Tilly and Pip just blend in.
We were all asking for our tea, and John said do you want your tea now Martha.

We all had to wait until Martha said ONE will eat now.
Martha said to Tilly my back is cold warm it for me.
The Mop and Tilly were bowing and scraping to Martha, Tilly said Martha is very regal.
Now had I known she was going to be a world wide Mega Star, sort of a female Simon Cowell, no that is an insult to Martha, but you know what I mean.
I am so pleased I let Martha lie on my bed, now you do not see many furbodys do this.
So I would say I was very kind. Please do not chop off my head Mega Martha.
We do not have to update anyone on Martha as you all know what a wonderful home she got, boy does this make everything worth while.
Martha and her sibling had lived in kennels, there owners went and took them out when they felt like it. But otherwise they were in not the best of kennels. Do not ask me why someone would buy two pups and pay for kennelling so they could take them a walk sometimes. So that is why we gave her loads of love while she was here and this love has continued. Martha s life began when I took her to meet Bailey and Vanessa and Fred her new mum and dad.


Oscar the Beagle! said...

Wow! Martha you are one classy lady, you've got our Oscar drooling! Great photos John

TwoSpecialWires said...

We hate to differ. And please excuse our argument. But we believe that Martha's life began when she joined you, Bobby, and the rest of your family (including the wonderful peeps.) It was because of YOU that Martha found her now furever home. And, yes, she IS a Super Star. To us, anyway. 'Cause she and her family encourage us right along on our own baby steps of recovery from "the bad life", the "once was", "the horror." She (and Bailey) understand that it takes time to heal. And that all microscopic forward steps count. AND. They introduced us to YOU! And YOU make us laugh! And wish we had made our way through YOUR home (and on YOUR bed) before we made it to where we are now. We didn't. But at least we know you now. And we can catch a peek at your bed and your walks and your treats. And your humor.


Rescue Rocks!
Love to all of you,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Lorenza said...

Of course I remember when Martha was living with you... and you were grumpy!
Yes, her new happy life started when she came to stay with you all and then she went to live with Bailey and their parents!
Thanks a lot for your good work!
Kisses and hugs

Life With Dogs said...

You should be so proud! She reminds me of another Martha. :)


Nice work pip training Martha to beg for treats and then everyone gets one. That's terrier trickery. Martha.. come closer.. Muaaaah!
kisses for you

Martha and Bailey said...

Dearest Bobby,
One would never ever contemplate having your head removed.
Indeed I must look at my New Year's Honour list as I feel a knighthood should be bestowed on your humble self.
You have given of yourself, your family, your bed and your treats in the service of other doggies.
Surely no dog has done more for their fellow canines.
I wholeheartedly agree with Jake & Fergi, my life started with my stay at your home.
I was very scared and had no end of human cuddles, nice soft talking and doggy licks. I was allowed to lie in your bed!
This was the beginning of my journey to learn that I need not be shut was fun.....even if a little scary, which it still can be!
I loved seeing all those pictures - I was so young then, and perhaps a little thinner!
I strive towards, one day, being as brave and confident as you Bobby - who knows - in the meantime I have a lot of catching up to do.
My family have said that everything I experience is as a new puppy - I am growing up - a little later than most but still getting there.
As for fame and fortune, I never invited them in...............I chose freedom!
Hang on I think that might be an Edith Piaf song!
love and kisses
Martha xxxxxx
Bailey has gone to make my breakfast!

Byron y Xinver said...

Martha rules! We're happy to know she's with a good family now

Asta said...

You and youw family awe a wondew! you make us smile and feel that the wowld is not such a bad place..Mawtha began life when she met you and youw loving home.
I am so vewy gwateful fow you.
wif thanks and smoochie kisses fow all you do
Asta and mommi

ClarityDefinesYou said...

Looking at the dogs makes me miss my own Ob-chan :(
Thanks for sharing the pictures they are beautiful!