Monday, 25 January 2010

This is Daisy in her new home, she had new toys and treats, we would like to thank Janet and her family for giving Daisy her forever home. Ah! heck, I am sure John is crying, daft human, I don't know why, he still has me.
The stupid Mop said he is waiting to see if Daisy comes on the beach, I said you do this every time a furbody goes. He said you are a grumpy old dog that does not get on with any furbodys. He said all you do is grump and leave pee-mail all over the place. He said you are really just a dirty old dog, how dare he say that about me.
Well, we thought Lassie was a little rotund, but this poor girl is FAT, this poor collie was at some time in her life a fit dog.

Her name is Lady and her owner is very ill, Lady is now looking for a home, she will not be happy because she was put on a diet here as soon as she walked in the door well sort of walked.
Mind you they hardly feed me, I can smell the chicken or beef cooking and they give me dog food!!!.


Mack said...

Look at that smile on Daisy!! That says it all!

susie said...

mary saw daisys new owner and she said daisy had been off lead and came back straight away all the humans in her new family have fallen in love with her nice to see you bobby and pip at the beach licks and tail wags susie

Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby
How lovely to see that happy picture of Daisy - they already have new toys for her! And treats!
She has found the perfect home....
We see the comment above saying how she was off lead and came straight back - well of course we used to do that too!!!!
We reckon you will have to start up a doggie weight watchers club down there.
Our vet up here has one - Martha refuses to set one paw on the scales right enough!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Pedro said...

Wow, that dawg is a pork chop! Do you have a Biggest Loser for Dawgs near you? Mom says I'm a little porky myself though. She'll look better fast if she's staying in your dawg house because of all the beach walkin' you do. Thanks for helping us through the grief of losing Ziggy. We're still very sad but friends like you really have helped us so much.


Eric said...

Hi Bobby! I'm all behind, still cracking up at you tricking Mop Boy and daisy into the deep hole haaa!! Wagging dear Miss Daisy has a new home, wasn't she a winner? Lucky leggeds who have her.

Poor Lady and Lassie but I'm sure you'll become their personal trainer eh Bobby?

Wiry love Eric xx

Lorenza said...

Glad to know Daisy is happy there!
Oh, Lady! I know about diets.. but sure is for her own good!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

What a pretty smile Daisy has! So glad to hear she's going to a good home. Good luck on the diet, Lady!

Stella said...

Daisy is such a beautiful girl, I am happy to see she has a great new home! I am rescued myself, so I know how that is!

The weight will come off Lady but she will try every sneaky trick a dog knows to get extra food. You will have to watch her, Grumpy Bobby!


Ms. ~K said...

Daisy looks so happy and I am thrilled for her...
Lady is beautiful, albeit, a bit "fluffy"!

TwoSpecialWires said...

You've got your work cut out, Bobby. And we know you'll do it. Bring on the beach walks! Bring out the carrots! Just imagine the difference you can begin to make in these girls' lives.

So appreciative
Jake and Fergi xxoo