Saturday, 23 January 2010

We went to the park just as it was getting light yesterday, I said to Daisy I will introduce you to my furends, She was all nice and said that would be very kind of you Bobby.
I took her and she met a lot of my furends, then I saw the human coming and I know a treat bag a mile away, I shouted treats coming, big mistake not enough to go around.

It is a good job auntie Marion always has special ones for me.( John said they are the same as he has at home, and will not eat)

We got so dirty at the park John said we will go to the beach this afternoon, then he had the cheek to say to me and you will not spend the time in the pub, I always go for a little walk before I go in the pub.
Anyway It is a while since I read all the pee-mail and responded to it so I thought I might as well.

Daisy and The Mop Boy were shouting at me, they were daring me to go in the water.
I knew they were plotting something, so I said I will go in the water I am not bothered
Daisy said to Mopy look he has gone in, I knew there was a big dip there.
I said come on chickens, so they both ran past me thinking it was not deep.
Well every dog has its day and this was just one of mine,
I wish you could have seen Daisy, her face, the Mop head first.
I laughed until I left more pee-mail on the sand.
The Mop came out and said I knew it went deep so I went snorkelling, Daisy said so did I see I will go back again .
I said rubbish you tried to trick me and it backfired serves you both right, I stuck my legs out, dry see only the ends of my tootsie's are wet.
I said come on we will play with the ball until you dry off
As soon as I got them running about I went off to the pub.


Joe Stains said...

GOOD diversion dude. Looks like a fun day!

Ms. ~K said...

I enjoyed my visit to your great doggie bloggie...I can tell you have a very big heart!

Stella said...

Hey Grumpy Bobby, I love your name, and your pal Eric sent me over to visit you. I am putting you on my list, so I won't miss any of your writing.


Martha and Bailey said...

Hi Bobby, we know how you love meeting Auntie Marion with her treats.
These are the best kind of humans to know - their pockets always smell of treats!
We thought you were a bit unfair to trick Pip & Daisy at the beach - that water is very cold!!!
We can see how much you enjoyed it at the time!
The trouble is they might try to get you back for that - so be very careful Bobby.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Oscar the Beagle! said...

You're the smart one alright Bob - Glad to see you're bounding about like a young pup.....Go Bobby!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
I had a good laugh looking at those two running to the water! You are smart!
When you said about playing with that ball... I knew you were planning something!
Kisses and hugs