Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Little Ebony did keep us awake last night she ran about and cried , but John told me to be prepared for that. I got off my comfy bed and went down stairs so I slept okay.
She was a bit shivery so we got this nice little jumper for her, you can see she is small.
Once she had her little jumper on John took her a walk and she seemed a lot happier when she came back.

She came in licking her lips Pip said what have you been eating, she said not telling.
Millie and Pip followed her about they said tell us have you had a treat, she said, not saying.
Pip said you have had a hair cut that's okay for a girl , they want me to have one tomorrow, but I am not going to, I like my scruffy look.


Schwang said...

What was she eating? I like her sweater.

Eric said...

Poor Ebony. hope she sleeps better tonight. Give her a cuddle Bobby and read her a bedtime story. Don't get your haircut Pip! Resist! Give John a nip on the ankles!

Wiry wags Eric xx

Stella said...

Ebony is a pretty girl and even prettier with her jumper on, Bobby.

You ought to just cuddle with her a little so she doesn't feel afraid. I would take her home in a minute if you weren't across the big pond. Make sure Pip gets a haircut, he will look much better if he does, don't you think?


Lorenza said...

I am sure Ebony is going to sleep much better tonight!
Treat?? Ebony got a treat?? Hmmm...
Kisses and hugs

havetailwillwag said...

oh she is soooo tiny and cute.. i love her sweater. it looks so comfy and i'm sure she feels more secure with something warm around her body.

Life With Dogs said...

You are so sweet and accommodating! :)

Ms. ~K said...

Ebony is a lucky pup to have landed with you!

Martha & Bailey said...

Ebony will have to have some extra treats we think!
She is so tiny and scared. We love her jumper - the colour suits her well.
Pip we were thinking about your haircut - it could be nice for Spring and would show off that lovely new collar.
We hope Ebony had a better sleep last night as we are worried that John and Brenda will be all dogged out!
Martha and Bailey xxx
signed in with their email instead of their blog!

ClarityDefinesYou said...

Little ebony is cute and scared at the moment but i think with all the other dogs around her all the time she will surely feel comfy and be ok in no time and the jumper looks superb on her :)

Joe Stains said...

She sure is cute, I hope she continues to become more confident!

Anya said...

Your are both cute
Love your jacket ...... LOL

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=
Have a nice sunday

catsmother said...

Ebony is so gorgeous. Would love her if I could have a dog but no secure garden. No furbodies since I lost Bella the deaf cat last June. Even had a little tartan dog coat but just recently gave it to RSPCA shop.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ebony you are such a sweet little girl and I would love it if you would come and live with me and my husand Les and our furbody Westie, Jack, who is a gorgeous boy and is looking for a little playmate. Jack has a nice secure yard and fields at the front of the house and at the end of the street, a nice park and woodland walks, and he also likes to go to the beach too.

Jack came to live with us about a year ago from the Newcastle Shelter, he is about 8 years old and is a lovely companion for Les who had a stroke in 2008, but has made good progress and loves to walk with Jack several times a day.

It would be lovely if you could come and live with us, we have a nice happy and peaceful home where there is lots of love and care and I am sure you would be very happy.

Love & Best wishes Kath, Les and Jack (woof)

bbes tribe said...

Ebony looks great in her new sweater. Poor PIP looks a bit chilly now without all his hair. He does look good though!
Ernie, Sasha, Chica

kat_harley said...

Hi Ebony, I just wanted you to see Jack, so that you can see what a gorgous boy he is, so I created an account especially to do this. Jack is hoping that you will be able to come and live here with us and insisted that I wash his bedding and tidy his toys up into one place, ready to show you his lovely comfy bed and the many toys he will share with you, he is particularly attched to his squeeky candy cane but said you could take turns to play fetch... we shall see... I suspect he will want to race you for it!

Jack and I also noticed that Millie seems to have gone, and hopes that she has found a lovely home, as she is a cutie too.

Ebony really suits her jumper, but Jack worried that Pip might need one too since his haircut... the nights are still a bit chilly. Jack also needs a visit to the Parlor for a pamper day and tidy up, but he reckons he will wait until the Easter Holidays in 2 weeks time, so that I can take him.... last time he went, he decided he wanted a new toy, and came home with a starfish that squeeks... he likes a squeky toy, and the pet parlor has lots of nice toys to choose from.

Jack sends lots of wags and snuffles, and hopes to hear from paws for thought soon about the enquiry we made.

Kath Les and Jack (woof) ;-)

Kath Les n Jack said...

oh, my Pic didnt come up! hrumppp

Jack x