Sunday, 21 March 2010

We did not know but Saturday was our last walk on the beach with Millie.
Millie has gone to a new home today, John said she has a great new home and she will be a part of the family.
Millie told Pip yesterday that she was going to see a family today, and they might want her, she whispered to Pip, she said you will have to play with Ebony. Pip said they might not want you.
We went to the beach in the rain, little Ebony was saying pick me up.
John said well run for the ball first, I am reading my pee-mail and writing some in the top right
of the photo against my wall.
She watched and John rolled the ball a little way.
John thought she was going for it.

Ebony went about three yards and came back.

She said now pick me up.
John said well run a bit first
She did run but only to keep up with John, he is about as fast as a snail so that was no effort for her.
Then she was there again saying pick me up.
John was still saying no, we have come for a walk.
She pleaded and pleaded.
As I ran past to go to another part of my wall she was getting picked up.

We would like to thank Paul and his family for giving Millie a lovely new home,we wish them all every happiness. Pip also says thanks as he has got his bed back!!


Martha and Bailey said...

Great news! We wish Millie and her new family well.
Glad you have your bed back Pip!
Poor wee Ebony - the beach is a big scary place when you are only little!
Bobby, why is John wanting to brush you?
Is it because it is Spring?
You look fine to us.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Kath Les n Jack said...

Jack says, hi Ebony & Pip, I do hope you are not missing Mille too much, its great that she has found a nice new home.

I really fell on my feet when Kath and Les adopted me last February, they made me very welcome and I am really well loved... its super living here - I get breakfast and tea, and I spend the day with Les, and we watch tv and have several walks every day, although sometimes I only want to go onto to the field for a snuffle around, and Les and I have a nice gentle wander around the field and then back home. Les usually takes me for a longer walk in the afternoon through the woods and 2 days ago I chased a squirrel up a tree... it wouldnt come back down and eventually I had to give up and follow Les, but it was good fun!

When Kath gets home from school I get lots of tummy tickles and cuddles, but then I have to be brushed as I get a few tangles when I go snuffling in the woods, but its always worth it for the exciting peemail.

It looks as if you had a lot of fun at the beach, even if Ebony didnt want to run around too much, but then she is small enough to be carried if she gets tired, I just sit down for a rest if I need one or if I dont want to go too far... Kath and Les usually get the message if I have had enough, and when they ask if I want to go home, I wag my tail and set off at a happy trot back to my hice warm bed...well its been a bit nippy, and the wind is a bit chill here, so Ebony will need her jumper!

Pip you look nice and comfy in your bed now that you have it back, I usually keep a couple of toys in bed with me, my favouites are Starfish and Squeeky Sweetie, but I have lots of others, a hippo and a monkey and a pig that goes oink, at Christmas Kath bought me a snowman, he is a bit big for me to play with on my own, but would be smashing for a game of pull with Ebony. I usually play pull with Les, but it would be much better to have a furbody friend to play with.... so I am keeping my paws crossed for Ebony to come and be my new playmate.

Im going out for a walk soon with Kath before bedtime, so I will wish you good night.

Woof Woof, Jack ;-)

Eric said...

Lucky Millie, good luck to her in her new home. Have you seen my liar liar pal Hippy Pip Bobby ? can't see him anywhere on you blog. There's some new nekked dog with a poodle tail who's that?

And tell John. perhaps he should think of taking a handbag on the next walkie!! Haaaa!!! Only kidding Ebony!!

Stella said...

Hooray for Millie to have a new and good home! If you speak to her, tell her Stella said hello.

Ebony is a tiny thing, so maybe she gets cold on her legs and feet. It wouldn't hurt her to miss a walk once in a while.


havetailwillwag said...

WOOHOO!!!! YAY MILLIE!!! I'll miss reading your updates about her though. she's sooo cute and i've definitely formed a little online attachment to her.. love that face!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
I am sure Millie is happy at her new home!
I had a good laugh looking at Ebony trying to get picked up! And you in the background reading and leaving pee-mails on your wall!
Glad Pip has his bed back!
Kisses and hugs

Schwang said...

What great news for Millie! Isn't running on the beach more exciting than being picked up?

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh how lovely Millie has a new home! And more room in the bed!

Nice news for us to read on a Monday afternoon.

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

TwoSpecialWires said...

We loved this post. First we are happy that Millie got her furever home. Second we are glad that Pip got his bed back (he needs a blanket.) Third we learned a lot about walls and peemail. Fourth we are glad that Ebony finally got picked up. And Fifth and Most Important, we LOVED seeing John in the pictures. Can we come visit and play on your beach?

Love ya lots
Jake and Fergi xxoo