Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This is Toby he is only 4 months old, a member of his family had an allergy so he now needs a new home, he came today,  he is very good and comes when called,

I think little Ebony likes him, she chased after him in the park, I might take him to my beach tomorrow.

Little Nikki was checked out at the vets, she has a heart murmur and needed her teeth cleaning, she has gone to a new home so that is good news. The lady who has taken her has another old poodle so it is very kind of  her to take Nikki.

Little Ebony and Pip were getting the sun, I could see a big black cloud coming , but I did not tell them, I went inside and lay on my bed.

They were fast asleep when the rain came,I had to laugh as they ran in all wet.


Anonymous said...

You do such good work. My heart breaks for all these dogs

Jeannie and marvin

Martha and Bailey said...

Well Bobby, we did say you had a revolving door at your house! We are really happy for Nikki - sounded like a great home.
Now you have little Toby! How cute is he.
We hope you have the same success with him and of course the adorable little Ebony.
We are setting off at the end of this week for an Easter break.
Well if the roads are open!!! We are back to blizzards!
We hope you all have a very Happy Easter and we look forward to catching up with you when we get back.
All our love
Martha, Bailey and Family xxxx

Stella said...

I am so glad for Nikki you were able to find a good home for her.

Ebony and Pip seem to be good pals now; how do they do with Toby?

If I ever had to give up Stella, I would wish for a shelter with your people there. They seem to care so much and help find a good home for a dog.


Jo, Stella's Mom

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
Glad to know Nikki has now a forever home!
Toby is soooo cute!
Looks like Pip and Ebony had a nice nap together!
Kisses and hugs

havetailwillwag said...

toby is precious!!!! love his patches!! ebony and pip are sooooo unbelievable adorable together.. picture perfect!

Life With Dogs said...

Toby just needs another shot. That beautiful boy won't be lonely for long!


Oh Pip It looks like Ebony is coming along nicely. It must be that new haircut of yours.

kissy kissy...

TwoSpecialWires said...

Handsome Bob. We are amazed at the speed that dogs come and go at your house. We know that's a good thing ... but it sure looks like it'd be comfy to curl up between Pip and Ebony and take a nice long nap. Trouble is ... we might miss some of the action!

Keep up the great work! Your family is pawsome!
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Anonymous said...

Bobby come on we can see that yr mam and dad had been bathing you. then giving you a curly perm to try and pass you off as nikki. You did look really cute though.

I think when you saw me and the way the girls drop at my feet. The idea was put to john.

Whiskey (Doodle)

Oscar the Beagle! said...

Hello to Toby! I bet our friend Phil was tempted to take you home with Barney!

Bella the Westie said...

Toby looks sweet :)
I hope you have fun playing with him.

Love, Bella.

Joe Stains said...

New friends coming in and old friends moving on, you guys do great stuff.