Monday, 22 March 2010

Little Ebony has settled in really well, she follows John about, John said she is very cute, although she is 4 she has not been spayed yet, so that will have to be done.
It will have to be a special home for this little girl as she gets upset if she can not see John or Brenda, she will howl if they tried to go out without her. I said to her that's silly if they went out we could lie any where we want.
Anyone interested in little Ebony contact
Lassie who was in the paper and on TV with Lady for being Err rather rotund, went to a new home on Saturday she is also being sponsored by Royal Canin obesity food and is loosing weight.
Lady has lost well over 4kg now, Janet said she is much more active, and is jumping about ready for her walk as opposed to lying on her bed hoping she does not have to go. So this is all good news.


Sallie said...

Good for Lady!

You are so cute, Little Ebony!

Martha and Bailey said...

Another new home - good luck to Lassie and well done to her and Lady for being such great slimmers!
We think little Ebony sounds a bit like the velcro dog Martha used to be!
We hope she finds the right home soon.
We also hope she is not so traumatised as Martha was with being spayed!!!
It is not an easy life being a scared wee dog.
Thank dogness your are all there to look after her.
She will not take up much room in Pip's bed either - plenty of room for the two of them.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Schwang said...

I can see the ladies looking a little slimmer. Hopefully Ebony will find a person that is around all the time.

Stella said...

The big girls are starting to look very good. Lady is going to be a real knock-out because she is so beautiful!

Ebony, such a tiny, scared, little kid. I expect she might be one of those permanent residents, don't you?


havetailwillwag said...

aww.... little ebony looks soooo tiny and fragile in her photo. she's like a vulnerable little baby. i want to hug her and love her and make her feel safe!! her facial expression kills me.. so sweet

Lorenza said...

Ebony is simply adorable!
Glad to know about Lassie and Lady! She has lost 4 kilos! Wow!
Kisses and hugs

Life With Dogs said...

Hey Royal Canin makes good food - that's great news for Lassie!

TwoSpecialWires said...

What great news. All of it!

We sure understand about Ebony. Some doggie simply have some special needs, and it's so good that you have figured out what those are for that little girl. We're glad she is making progress and we hope that a family who really truly understands and can patiently help her learn to love and trust will come along. You all sure seem like perfect foster pawrents for these pups, and committed folks for finding just the right match. We'll cross our paws.

Such great news about Lady and Lassie!!!! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Love you lots
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Ms. ~K said...

Happy fur-ever home to Lassie!

Oscar the Beagle! said...

Oh I'm sure little Ebony will find a new home soon she is just so sweet!
Both Lady and Lassie are slimming for Britain! Keep up the good work.