Thursday, 14 August 2008


Bobby here,

Well on Tuesday the Mop took him self to bed early, he goes all by his self, I don't go until Brenda goes, I even wait for John if he is not too late.

Anyway after the Mop went to bed another dog came his name is Benji I think he is older than me.

When the Mop got up in the morning he was so pleased to see this new dog I thought his tail would go flying off, but he usually comes to me on a morning and we play, but he just wanted to play with Benji. I got quite annoyed and became very grumpy and showed all my teeth to Benji he just wagged his tail at me. John said I am jealous of the Mop, what does he know.

We went to the beach and I tried to make an effort to be nice, but they just played together and would not let me join in.

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