Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hi, This is Sam back on a weeks holiday, while her owners swan off on there holiday to a sunny place.
They leave poor Sam in this country with all this rain, I was just saying to her how I would like a nice holiday in a sunny place, this rain is getting on my nerves.
I am sick of getting wet every time we go out, if its not raining when we go out we get caught in a down pour.
Its okay for humans you don't have fur that gets all wet, except the bit on your heads and John does not have much of that so its OK for him, and the Mop gets wet weather its raining or not, he even jumps into big puddles.
Bye for now Grumpy Bobby

1 comment:

happy said...

I don't fancy the rain either. Cos that means no walkies for me.