Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hi Bob here, Well Sam has been here for a few days now, Pip has done everything to get her to play with him, mostly lying on his back. I could not believe it she has started to run about with him. He just would not give up even though she chased him a few times.

If you remember Sam when she first came to John she was frightened of everything, she sat on the beach and shook as she had not been out or seen or played with other dogs. John said to see her run and enjoying her life is really great, he said she has got a great home and is really loved.This is how she was.

This is her now.

Sam playing now.
I still have a complaint I am fed up of the rain I will shrink if I get wet again is this the summer.

Bye Grumpy Bob

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There has been a lot of rain your right this summer.. its been crazy