Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hi Bob here,
Well the Mop has really done it now we went up to the park, John let the Mop off the lead and he ran down the bank and went straight in the stream.
Well it had been raining all night and it was quite high and running fast, so he was struggling to get out, John had to run down the stream and he jumped in to catch the Mop as he was swept down.
But he managed to scramble out, and there was John up to his waist in water and me and the Mop stood on the bank, John was not a happy bunny. He climbed out and put the Mop on the lead then we had to come home, John was squelching all the way up to the car, as soon as he got in he had to go in the bath.
We have not been back to the park since in case the water is still high as it keeps on raining.
So now its the beach and Tunstall hill, the Mop is obviously not bothered about his experience because he still runs into the water at the beach.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Raga here, the responsible one, not like Alfie who would have been in there with the Mop. Mind you I quite like a dip myself. And Asha too!
Anyhow, hope John is OK - that must have been awful for him. He might like to invest in those waders that fishermen wear???
Keep warm and dry,

Anonymous said...

Knowing John, we laugh out loud, he would see the funny side. Now stop picking on our nephew Mop, pip.

auntie liz and uncle bri