Friday, 29 August 2008

Hi, The Mop has been to the vets to get his operation, he has cried since he came back. He has had a big collar on because he would not stop licking, he does look sad.
He will not walk about with his collar on it looks like a lamp shade, he just lies down, even I feel sorry for him.
This is Jack now settled and happy in his new home, his new owners are very pleased with him.

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BenTheRotti said...

Hi there Grumpy One

oh poor Mop, that picture is making me wince, the poor thing. Nice to see Jack looking so happy in his new home. It's great to be back in blogland, Mum promises no more long breaks. If John speaks to Lynne could he please tell her that Mum will get round to sending the newspaper clipping, the kids have been off for 6 weeks and grandma is in hospital and things have been slightly hectic, but she hasn't forgotten.

Ben xxx