Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hi Just to let you know Lynne came and took the little gull to be with some others. When they can fly they get released, Pip said he hopes it does not find its way back to his pool. John said he did not realise they were so nice, it was following Brenda around in no time, it must have thought she was its mam it came running for food every time she went out. Well now that its gone the pool was cleaned and refiled so the Mop is happy again.

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lebdale said...

well i told john baby seagulls are cool dudes. he was a bit sceptical about this and i felt he was sorry to see it go. just a couple of points if anyone out there comes across one in need. when a baby seagull is down on the ground for whatever reason sometimes its bad weather brings them off the rooftops early. if you are concerned about them look at thier tails if the tail feathers are grown to the ends of their wing tips and the bird looks lively fit and healthy then its very close to flying if the tail is shorter than the wings then they cannot fly untill the tail grows in if they are in a dangerous place where they could get run over and if you have the mind to all they need is a yard or fenced garden to grow in safely for a short time. they eat anything we eat but do best on oily fish like fresh sardines or herring they need to eat as much as they can and if they have a large bowl of water or a paddling pool like pips then it gives them a chance to get their feathers in good order to fly. they are ready to go when they are taking off vertically and getting a good height. probebly best for them to be taken to a quiet beach or harbour if they have thier first flight above water then they are less likely to damage themselves when landing as they need to learn to land which is where so many of them come to grief when nesting in built up areas they can crash onto hard things and sprain or even worse break bones all i would say is please please please do not get them tame by hand feeding they tame very very easily and once tame are a nightmare to release they will beg from people for ever more which puts them in danger best if you do take them let them see you as little as possible this bird john had has obviously been begging scraps in the town centre for some time and has no fear of people which is very bad news for this bird so if you love them keep them distant from you its not clever to tame seagulls its just too easy probebly easier than budgies. hope this is of some use to someone.