Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hi Bobby here,
Update on Rex, this is a picture of him after he had fallen in a pond in Lancashire, he is obviously not like Pip he did not like it.
Heather said he really is a great dog.
Well we got rid of one baby seagull just to get another at least it is sitting on the shed roof. Pip is worried it comes down into his pool,but it is raining all the time so he can not go in anyway.

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cool hand Luke said...

I'm glad the baby gull is being looked after, Luke is just like pip , he really loves the water now too which is great because he was so scared of it when he first came here, he has his own paddling pool too, theres a little video of him playing in the muddy water !! yuk. if you would like to go see it on my blog Bobby. Hope you and Pip, ( and John and Brenda) are fine
love from Linda and Luke x