Friday, 1 August 2008

Hi This is a picture of Jack at Holy Island who has now lost quite a bit of weight, Val said he is much fitter and walking really well. He is as bad as the Mop for water he goes straight in.

Now to the best thing that's happened, if I had tried to upset the Mop I could not have come up with a better idea, I only wish I could have organised this.

Well I have walked about laughing all afternoon, the Mop is walking about crying he was going to run into his pool and there it was claimed by a baby gull.

It was giving itself a wash, but it would not come out, until Brenda got some cat food then it came out to eat.

Pip wanted to go in while the gull was out, but it had made a mess in his pool, so he cried again.

It kept going in and out, it must have got tired because

it got out and made a bed on a little plant pot, it went fast asleep. But stayed by the pool. Now him being upset has made my day. I feel a proper little devil, well he never shut up about his pool, and how he was going in it when the sun was on it.
Bye for now Little devil Bobby He!He!


Anonymous said...

I know you can not keep the Mop out of water,I have seen him jump in ,in the Park.
So I bet he was upset when a Baby gull was in his pool.
I have noticed his hair is growing quickly, so its ok to say Mop again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby it is great to see Jack is ok, all who knew Hazel will be pleased he is well.