Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hi, Guess who is happy today, yes that's right ME. we have been to Tunstal Hill, the beach, the park and the hill again tonight and I did not get wet, not once. It has cheered me up, of course daft Pip got wet at the beach even Sam did, mind it was an accident she did not realise the rock pool was so deep, poor thing got a shock, but then went in again so she must have liked it.
It is Sam's last day today and little Pip is going to miss her, he has spent all week creeping about her, today she has finally let him lick her feet, and lie beside her. Sam has played with him with her squeaky toy. I think she likes him, or she is sick of him prostrating himself in front of her.
I think this feet fetish is a bit much, she seems to like it though. Next she let him cuddle up to her.
I thought she was going to chase him, then next thing, there they were fast asleep.
I think Sam might miss the Mop as well, I have to say he does not give up, he did win her over in the end.
Bye for now I hope we get another dry day tomorrow.


cool hand Luke said...

How wonderful to see sam looking so fantastic, im sure she had a great time on her hols with you, Luke was scared of everything too , but now his favourite thing is to roll and roll and roll in the MUD !! and with all the rain there is plenty of it for him to roll in. its a good job he isnt scared of water now cos he has to have a bath nearly every day!! silly dog , Love from Linda and LUke x

happy said...

That's a real sweet picture of them cuddling up together.