Friday, 29 August 2008

Hi, The Mop has been to the vets to get his operation, he has cried since he came back. He has had a big collar on because he would not stop licking, he does look sad.
He will not walk about with his collar on it looks like a lamp shade, he just lies down, even I feel sorry for him.
This is Jack now settled and happy in his new home, his new owners are very pleased with him.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hi Bobby here,

Well Sam went home and little Pip is missing her, he has even looked under the sofa to see if she was there.

Before she went on the morning they were playing great, so he will miss her.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Chefs for Pawz

This is a big thank you to Dona and Paul at the Smugglers pub on Roker front, also the three Chefs that took part in a cookery competition to raise funds for Pawz For Thought. It was a great night all there enjoyed watching the guys cook, then tasting each dish.
There was music after, and being a dog friendly pub a floor show
Dancing dog, They raised £320 so from all us dogs that without the kindness shown, and the effort put in to raise funds, would not have had the chance of a much better life or in many cases any life at all, thank you and loads of tail wags.
Happy Bobby

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hi, Guess who is happy today, yes that's right ME. we have been to Tunstal Hill, the beach, the park and the hill again tonight and I did not get wet, not once. It has cheered me up, of course daft Pip got wet at the beach even Sam did, mind it was an accident she did not realise the rock pool was so deep, poor thing got a shock, but then went in again so she must have liked it.
It is Sam's last day today and little Pip is going to miss her, he has spent all week creeping about her, today she has finally let him lick her feet, and lie beside her. Sam has played with him with her squeaky toy. I think she likes him, or she is sick of him prostrating himself in front of her.
I think this feet fetish is a bit much, she seems to like it though. Next she let him cuddle up to her.
I thought she was going to chase him, then next thing, there they were fast asleep.
I think Sam might miss the Mop as well, I have to say he does not give up, he did win her over in the end.
Bye for now I hope we get another dry day tomorrow.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hi Bob here, Well Sam has been here for a few days now, Pip has done everything to get her to play with him, mostly lying on his back. I could not believe it she has started to run about with him. He just would not give up even though she chased him a few times.

If you remember Sam when she first came to John she was frightened of everything, she sat on the beach and shook as she had not been out or seen or played with other dogs. John said to see her run and enjoying her life is really great, he said she has got a great home and is really loved.This is how she was.

This is her now.

Sam playing now.
I still have a complaint I am fed up of the rain I will shrink if I get wet again is this the summer.

Bye Grumpy Bob

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hi, This is Sam back on a weeks holiday, while her owners swan off on there holiday to a sunny place.
They leave poor Sam in this country with all this rain, I was just saying to her how I would like a nice holiday in a sunny place, this rain is getting on my nerves.
I am sick of getting wet every time we go out, if its not raining when we go out we get caught in a down pour.
Its okay for humans you don't have fur that gets all wet, except the bit on your heads and John does not have much of that so its OK for him, and the Mop gets wet weather its raining or not, he even jumps into big puddles.
Bye for now Grumpy Bobby

Monday, 18 August 2008

Hi Bob here,

Jack has now got a new home so this is very good news, he has also lost a lot more weight and is enjoying his walks. This picture was before his diet, so he is very plump here.

Now he is more stream lined.
This is his rear but you can see he looks better, I do not think he could have walked up and down steps before.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Bobby here,

Well on Tuesday the Mop took him self to bed early, he goes all by his self, I don't go until Brenda goes, I even wait for John if he is not too late.

Anyway after the Mop went to bed another dog came his name is Benji I think he is older than me.

When the Mop got up in the morning he was so pleased to see this new dog I thought his tail would go flying off, but he usually comes to me on a morning and we play, but he just wanted to play with Benji. I got quite annoyed and became very grumpy and showed all my teeth to Benji he just wagged his tail at me. John said I am jealous of the Mop, what does he know.

We went to the beach and I tried to make an effort to be nice, but they just played together and would not let me join in.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hi Bob here,
Well the Mop has really done it now we went up to the park, John let the Mop off the lead and he ran down the bank and went straight in the stream.
Well it had been raining all night and it was quite high and running fast, so he was struggling to get out, John had to run down the stream and he jumped in to catch the Mop as he was swept down.
But he managed to scramble out, and there was John up to his waist in water and me and the Mop stood on the bank, John was not a happy bunny. He climbed out and put the Mop on the lead then we had to come home, John was squelching all the way up to the car, as soon as he got in he had to go in the bath.
We have not been back to the park since in case the water is still high as it keeps on raining.
So now its the beach and Tunstall hill, the Mop is obviously not bothered about his experience because he still runs into the water at the beach.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hi Bobby here,
Update on Rex, this is a picture of him after he had fallen in a pond in Lancashire, he is obviously not like Pip he did not like it.
Heather said he really is a great dog.
Well we got rid of one baby seagull just to get another at least it is sitting on the shed roof. Pip is worried it comes down into his pool,but it is raining all the time so he can not go in anyway.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hi Just to let you know Lynne came and took the little gull to be with some others. When they can fly they get released, Pip said he hopes it does not find its way back to his pool. John said he did not realise they were so nice, it was following Brenda around in no time, it must have thought she was its mam it came running for food every time she went out. Well now that its gone the pool was cleaned and refiled so the Mop is happy again.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Hi This is a picture of Jack at Holy Island who has now lost quite a bit of weight, Val said he is much fitter and walking really well. He is as bad as the Mop for water he goes straight in.

Now to the best thing that's happened, if I had tried to upset the Mop I could not have come up with a better idea, I only wish I could have organised this.

Well I have walked about laughing all afternoon, the Mop is walking about crying he was going to run into his pool and there it was claimed by a baby gull.

It was giving itself a wash, but it would not come out, until Brenda got some cat food then it came out to eat.

Pip wanted to go in while the gull was out, but it had made a mess in his pool, so he cried again.

It kept going in and out, it must have got tired because

it got out and made a bed on a little plant pot, it went fast asleep. But stayed by the pool. Now him being upset has made my day. I feel a proper little devil, well he never shut up about his pool, and how he was going in it when the sun was on it.
Bye for now Little devil Bobby He!He!