Monday, 26 May 2008

Dirty Bird

Hi Bobby here,

There is a happy trio.

Well what a day a Seagull that had curry last night and I think a couple of kebabs and a big Mc swooped over John and let it go on his head, the air was quite blue.Serves him right he took us to a tatty beach.

I laughed out loud Sam did not dare she is just a visitor, I don't quite know what I am.I was holding my leg up today and John stroked my head and said Aww our poor little Bobby.
I think sometimes he likes me a little bit, but he is always asking Lynne has anybody asked about me.
I wish I had a nice home Sam was telling me about her home it sounds great.
Not like here she thinks she is on the holiday from hell, I was telling her about the Mop, because its gone with Brenda to Cheshire to see her Mum and Dad,so Sam has not seen it, she said she hopes she is gone before it comes back after I told her it wants everything it sees.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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