Sunday, 4 May 2008


Hi Bobby here well I have some good news Molly has gone to a new home today,
John was just saying how nobody wanted Molly and me, and then out of the blue a call came,
And off she has gone, so I hope she settles in her new home with her new family.
But I am not happy the Mop is still here, I am a little worried that Cara was right and the Mop is here to stay.
It is always doing things it should not be doing, John was on the phone talking to Liz and the light went out the Mop had only gone and chewed through the wire, it’s a wonder the daft thing did not electrocute its self.
It did run about a bit its hair stood out on end, anyway it did not stop it doing it again today, so its obviously as thick as a plank.


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