Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sam's visit

Hi Bobby here It has been a very busy few days Brenda has gone off to visit her Mum and Dad in Cheshire, at least she took the Mop with her .(peace)

John and me had to pick up Sam as we are looking after her while her new owners are on holiday, I think she remembers me I wagged my tail so she would feel at home.

This was the dog John found so hard to part with not like me, I bet he would put flags out and throw a party If anybody wanted me.

You would think she had not been away, If I did not know better I would think she was glued to Johns leg.

She cried when he was bringing her home but I think once she got in maybe she remembered as she was okay.

Sam sure looked nice with a lovely shiny coat, I hope John can keep It like that.

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