Saturday, 31 May 2008

Life looks easy for this fat cat.

Well Sam's family are back tomorrow so this is her last night, it has been a nice sunny day so we have been to the park and tonight we all went to the beach and had a good walk.

The Mop and Powder puff were running about and Sam was chasing a ball so I ran alongside barking as I always do.
This was us at the park there is Sam myself the Mop and the Pom that's four but John seems to have gathered a couple more, I can not take him anywhere. My friend Alfie has just brought to my attention that Mop is Pom turned round I had not thought of that, but I suppose the Pom is like a Mop too, only a more exclusive type, not just a Mop but a supper duper M&S type.

Well I will miss Sam she and I get on fine she has a nice squeaky that she lets me play with but she will take it home with her.
Well we are all worn out so I am going to bed now, Good Night.

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