Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hi Bobby here,
If you are wondering am I laughing, yes I am. Brenda said John had to go into the attic to move the TV Ariel to get a better picture. He slipped off the beam and was stuck with one leg through the ceiling. He was shouting for Brenda to help but Brenda and me were to busy laughing at the leg hanging down and the Mop was barking at it, anyway Brenda had to run to the toilet she was laughing that much.
John was still shouting he was needing help but Brenda could not pass the phone she had rang her mum and dad to tell them but still could not stop laughing.
John finally got him self out then had to get some plaster board and plaster to fix it, not the best of jobs.
Oh how I wish I could have told every body in the park but instead I just keep laughing to myself.


Cara said...

Bobby how do you put up with them.
They are mad.
Hope John is ok


BenTheRotti said...

You and Brenda are just mean!!

oh wait... ummm.. Mum is rolling around laughing and saying she would have been taking photos, whilst ringing everyone she knew.. AND laughing!!

you are off the hook.. Mum is MEANER!!


Ben xxxxx