Thursday, 8 May 2008

Guess what I got

Here comes Bobby
I guess, you will guess I am in a good mood today, I sure am, I got a parcel addressed to me, (THAT’S RIGHT ME) on the envelope it said Grumpy Bobby.
I was so pleased, no more than that I was elated, thrilled, over the moon, delighted and anything else you could think of.
Ask me why, (GO ON ASK), I will tell you anyway. I got a Bandana with my name on just like I had wished for, it is red too, and the very colour I wanted.
There was a card with it; it was from my big handsome, gorgeous, gentle, pal Ben
But I would have known any way.
I, unlike you Ben could not wait to go out with it on; I thought I looked great, even though it was a bit warm today. Not one dog called me a wuss.

We are dogs and yes it’s true,
We sometimes demand much of you.
But shelter food and a walk each day,
If that’s what we get well that’s okay.
But once in a while someone who really cares,
Gives us a home and makes us theirs.
Its not just kindness it is also deeds,
They seem to understand what a dog needs.
And Ben you got a very special one,
You should be proud to call her mum.

Give her a big lick from me and say thank you, thank you, thank you.


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bobby,

My goodness you look so handsome in that bandana, Red certainly is your colour!!
We are so pleased you liked it, Mum says she just wants to reach through the screen and give you a big squeeze hehehe.

Ben xxxxxx

Cara said...

Hi Grumpy one

You look great with the bandana.
I told you to keep an eye on that mop. Bet he ment to chew the phone cable you know how Liz can talk.