Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hi Bob here, This is us at the beach John seems to pick up all the beach bums, I think some have ASBOS I peed on a rock then kicked sand all over the powder puff I can not bring myself to call it Bobby.
The daft thing started to dig a hole so Sam had a good idea to push it in and fill it up but John said no we could not do that, sand was flying everywhere

Its lovely hair was now full of sand then I went in the water, it came too I could not believe it
I thought it would be a wuss and would not follow If I had hair like that I would not mess about on a beach so maybe he is not as powder puffy as he looks.
John was not happy about it he spent ages brushing the poncy thing when we got home.

Well that was yesterday, guess what, John went off last night and when he came back who should come tearing in but the Mop back from Cheshire. Sam could not believe it she said I thought you were joking, but it is like a Mop. It did not know who to run to first so it chose Sam and rolled on its back with its feet in the air.
So now we have a powder puff and a mop I ask you does this look like a Bobby now Liz this does look like a Booby.

Guess where Booby (powder puff) is going tomorrow, the vets to get his clackers clacked. He! He!.
I will let you know how he gets on, when he comes back, I will give mine a good licking just for spite.

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BenTheRotti said...

That photo from the rear makes the powder puff look like a loofah! Shame John didn't let you push it in the hole.. you could have buried it up to it's neck and then thrown sandballs at it hehehe

Mum says I have to stop being mean and that the dummy sucking powder-puff loofah is actually quite cute.. jeeeze.. there is no accounting for taste!! Mum did say you are cuter though so at least she hasn't completely lost the plot!

You will have your paws full with the PP and the Mop.. I feel grumpiness coming on hehehe

Give Sam a big smooch from me.

Love, licks and tail-wags,

Ben xxxx