Monday, 1 September 2008

Gyp eats lying down.
Hi, Well here we have another dog who has come to stay, her name is Gyp, I think her owner is in hospital, We have been down to the beach but the Mop could not come. Brenda took the lamp shade thing off and he started to lick all his little bits so he had to have it back on.

Poor Pip he is so sad.

Gyp is like the Mop, as soon as John let her off the lead she went straight into the water. I can not believe that any dog would want to run into water I run back if a wave comes, but I went right in to my ankles for the ball today. The Mop would have loved it but he had to have a gentle walk, as he is very sore and still crying.
Look me up to my ankles,


BenTheRotti said...

Even I am feeling sorry for the Mop now. I remember the violation well, being prodded and poked in the most intimate of places and oooohhh the pain.. but tell him not to worry he will still be as butch .. i'm pausing now for hysterical laughter..

seriously though, I'm sending him lots of rotti-love and smoochies, Mum says they have healing powers.
Get well soon little Mop

You are so lucky Bobby, you get to have so many fourlegged friends to play with. Ben Jr is a good decoy, but he isn't much of a conversationalist!


Ben xxxx

BenTheRotti said...
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