Thursday, 31 July 2008

This is the Mop if he is near flowers he pretends he is a Bee, then on the beach he pretends he is a Dolphin. He is like some aqua thing he dives straight into the water.You will however notice that I have more sense.

We came back from the beach and I could not believe my eyes Brenda had only gone and got him a pool, she said it is for both of you, HA! she must be stupid why would I want to go in. The Mop would not even wait until it was full, as soon as he saw some water go in so did he.

He said to me come on in its great, do I look stupid?, If I was meant to go in water I would have gills, do you see any gills on me?. Well any way it kept him amused because he kept putting his toys in then getting them out. John had to bring him in the house in the end, he would have shrunk because he would not come out.

Now he keeps going to the door just when he has been dried, he runs straight into the pool,
I think Brenda is sorry she got it now, she is having to dry him all the time, John said he will burst it soon, If he does not I think John might.
Bye for now DRY Bobby

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happy said...

Bobby, sounds like you are not too keen with water, eh? A pool sounds fun! I'm not allowed to play with water much either. LS said she can't imagine all the work of blow drying me.