Saturday, 31 May 2008

Life looks easy for this fat cat.

Well Sam's family are back tomorrow so this is her last night, it has been a nice sunny day so we have been to the park and tonight we all went to the beach and had a good walk.

The Mop and Powder puff were running about and Sam was chasing a ball so I ran alongside barking as I always do.
This was us at the park there is Sam myself the Mop and the Pom that's four but John seems to have gathered a couple more, I can not take him anywhere. My friend Alfie has just brought to my attention that Mop is Pom turned round I had not thought of that, but I suppose the Pom is like a Mop too, only a more exclusive type, not just a Mop but a supper duper M&S type.

Well I will miss Sam she and I get on fine she has a nice squeaky that she lets me play with but she will take it home with her.
Well we are all worn out so I am going to bed now, Good Night.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Well here is the powder puff he has come back from the vets, and is being very brave my respect is growing for him.

We could not go to the beach because of his operation we just had a walk around the park he still ran about a bit

It is awful walking about everybody looks at this fur ball and they say aw its lovely, I bet you get a home for him soon. Its like I don't exist now has every body forgotten I am looking for a home. When we came home I was giving myself a good wash when I realised some of my bits were missing no wonder I am grumpy. Good Night.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hi Bob here, This is us at the beach John seems to pick up all the beach bums, I think some have ASBOS I peed on a rock then kicked sand all over the powder puff I can not bring myself to call it Bobby.
The daft thing started to dig a hole so Sam had a good idea to push it in and fill it up but John said no we could not do that, sand was flying everywhere

Its lovely hair was now full of sand then I went in the water, it came too I could not believe it
I thought it would be a wuss and would not follow If I had hair like that I would not mess about on a beach so maybe he is not as powder puffy as he looks.
John was not happy about it he spent ages brushing the poncy thing when we got home.

Well that was yesterday, guess what, John went off last night and when he came back who should come tearing in but the Mop back from Cheshire. Sam could not believe it she said I thought you were joking, but it is like a Mop. It did not know who to run to first so it chose Sam and rolled on its back with its feet in the air.
So now we have a powder puff and a mop I ask you does this look like a Bobby now Liz this does look like a Booby.

Guess where Booby (powder puff) is going tomorrow, the vets to get his clackers clacked. He! He!.
I will let you know how he gets on, when he comes back, I will give mine a good licking just for spite.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I dont b******* believe this

I can not believe my eyes, John went out without Sam and me and came back with what can only be described as a ball of fluff with a dummy stuck in its mouth. I call the Mop but this thing beats the lot.
I said to Sam what the ****** is that she said its a dummy, I said your the dummy I mean whats behind the dummy fool.

Well much to our surprise it spit its dummy out and its no wuss, and guess what they call it Bobby would you believe that the same name as me a powder puff.
I am disgusted so I am going to bed, tomorrow is another day.
In case you don't believe me here is a picture. Good night.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Dirty Bird

Hi Bobby here,

There is a happy trio.

Well what a day a Seagull that had curry last night and I think a couple of kebabs and a big Mc swooped over John and let it go on his head, the air was quite blue.Serves him right he took us to a tatty beach.

I laughed out loud Sam did not dare she is just a visitor, I don't quite know what I am.I was holding my leg up today and John stroked my head and said Aww our poor little Bobby.
I think sometimes he likes me a little bit, but he is always asking Lynne has anybody asked about me.
I wish I had a nice home Sam was telling me about her home it sounds great.
Not like here she thinks she is on the holiday from hell, I was telling her about the Mop, because its gone with Brenda to Cheshire to see her Mum and Dad,so Sam has not seen it, she said she hopes she is gone before it comes back after I told her it wants everything it sees.
Well tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sam's visit

Hi Bobby here It has been a very busy few days Brenda has gone off to visit her Mum and Dad in Cheshire, at least she took the Mop with her .(peace)

John and me had to pick up Sam as we are looking after her while her new owners are on holiday, I think she remembers me I wagged my tail so she would feel at home.

This was the dog John found so hard to part with not like me, I bet he would put flags out and throw a party If anybody wanted me.

You would think she had not been away, If I did not know better I would think she was glued to Johns leg.

She cried when he was bringing her home but I think once she got in maybe she remembered as she was okay.

Sam sure looked nice with a lovely shiny coat, I hope John can keep It like that.

Monday, 19 May 2008

MOP MOP MOP so there

Hi Bobby here
The Family Dog
The family's dog was bought to guard,
Chained to a post in a chilly backyard,

Housed in a shed that was airless and dark,
And every few weeks had a run in the park.
When boredom set in with no fun and no work,
One day it broke loose and went quietly berserk.

Pa couldn't fathom just why it went wild,
As it flattened his wife and then bit his child.
The police were called in to sort out the mess,
And the whole sorry tale was revealed in the press.

The Rescue society was really annoyed,
So, the dog was re-homed, and the owners destroyed.
Serves them right that's what I think, Oh Ben guess what I did today, I played on the beach with , I cant bring my self to say its name PPPPPP....THE MOP.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Drowned Rat

Hi Bobby here,

Well today was the book sale fund raiser at Roker I did not go I was not feeling too good so I stayed in bed all day.

Boy was I glad the Mop and John went, then they went on to the beach

and got caught in a down pour.

The Mop looked like a drowned rat it had to be rubbed dry John did not look much better so I am pleased I had a lazy day.

I got up at half five and we went up to the park but at least the sun shone a bit I just had a nice walk.

I am going back to bed now my joints are hurting today, I think I ran about a bit much yesterday.

John said I must stop saying Mop, Its name is Pip apparently.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Hi Bobby here update on Alfie

who now seems to be getting more of the bed with Raga than he was with Ash, This picture surprises me because when Alfie first went to his new home Raga just sat there looking with great disdain as Ash and Alfie went charging around together.
Of course I just grumped that is what I do best, what is really annoying me is people are laughing at me in the park.
I have heard quite a few people say to John you are right he does grump all the time even at trees grass or nothing. Its true I walk about grumping I cant help it, but people are laughing at me now so I am going to try to stop.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hi Bobby here,
If you are wondering am I laughing, yes I am. Brenda said John had to go into the attic to move the TV Ariel to get a better picture. He slipped off the beam and was stuck with one leg through the ceiling. He was shouting for Brenda to help but Brenda and me were to busy laughing at the leg hanging down and the Mop was barking at it, anyway Brenda had to run to the toilet she was laughing that much.
John was still shouting he was needing help but Brenda could not pass the phone she had rang her mum and dad to tell them but still could not stop laughing.
John finally got him self out then had to get some plaster board and plaster to fix it, not the best of jobs.
Oh how I wish I could have told every body in the park but instead I just keep laughing to myself.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Guess what I got

Here comes Bobby
I guess, you will guess I am in a good mood today, I sure am, I got a parcel addressed to me, (THAT’S RIGHT ME) on the envelope it said Grumpy Bobby.
I was so pleased, no more than that I was elated, thrilled, over the moon, delighted and anything else you could think of.
Ask me why, (GO ON ASK), I will tell you anyway. I got a Bandana with my name on just like I had wished for, it is red too, and the very colour I wanted.
There was a card with it; it was from my big handsome, gorgeous, gentle, pal Ben
But I would have known any way.
I, unlike you Ben could not wait to go out with it on; I thought I looked great, even though it was a bit warm today. Not one dog called me a wuss.

We are dogs and yes it’s true,
We sometimes demand much of you.
But shelter food and a walk each day,
If that’s what we get well that’s okay.
But once in a while someone who really cares,
Gives us a home and makes us theirs.
Its not just kindness it is also deeds,
They seem to understand what a dog needs.
And Ben you got a very special one,
You should be proud to call her mum.

Give her a big lick from me and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monday, 5 May 2008



Guess what the mop has done, it managed to pull the carpet up in a corner and chewed all the underlay into little bits. It got told off again HE HE.

I dont understand when we have been out all round the park or to the beach, he has to go out as soon as he gets back he must cross his little short hairy legs untill he gets home.

John says he must think if we dont go soon I will have to go in the park. He must be missing Molly to play with, he has tried to play with me but I grumped at him, he barked and grumped back he is getting brave.Would you want to play with this.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Hi Bobby here well I have some good news Molly has gone to a new home today,
John was just saying how nobody wanted Molly and me, and then out of the blue a call came,
And off she has gone, so I hope she settles in her new home with her new family.
But I am not happy the Mop is still here, I am a little worried that Cara was right and the Mop is here to stay.
It is always doing things it should not be doing, John was on the phone talking to Liz and the light went out the Mop had only gone and chewed through the wire, it’s a wonder the daft thing did not electrocute its self.
It did run about a bit its hair stood out on end, anyway it did not stop it doing it again today, so its obviously as thick as a plank.