Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hi Bobby here I have been thinking of my little Bess today how we ran about and played, I have been thinking about her because of this Mop. Every time we go out we have had to come back sooner than normal because it always manages to get soaked through.

John promised we would walk right along the beach but half way Molly jumped of a rock into water and the Mop followed and had to swim, then it began to shiver so we had to come back.
In Backhouse Park it runs into the stream as soon as we get there then it starts to get cold and back home we have to go again. There was I thinking Mops were supposed to get wet I still have much to learn.

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lebdale said...

aw Bobby i think you will learn to love this mop in time. its up to you to learn it how to be a proper dog