Monday, 28 July 2008

Back Home

Hi Bobby here,
Well John and Brenda came back from holiday very early in the morning, they brought me a present I got three new squeaky toys I love them.
Later little Pip came back from his holiday with Liz and Brian. Brian brought him back and said he was fine and no bother, I don’t believe it, he is a little pest.
But they seemed to think he was a canny little thing, there is no accounting for taste.

He seemed happy to be home, and to be honest I was happy to see the little short house I

even let him play with one of my squeaks.

But then John went out without us and he cried like a little puppy and would not leave the door,

I told him he will not come any quicker just because he stays by the door but it made no difference.

See what a silly little thing he is, John had only gone for some milk he was only five minuets.


happy said...

Aaww...what a cute pose!

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