Friday, 18 July 2008

Hi Bobby here
This is the Schnauzers Elfin and Flossy they have now gone to a new home in Cheshire so that's great news.
I like to see dogs who need a home get a nice family, but I think everyone has forgot that I still need a home.
I read auntie Liz's remark like it does not matter about the Mop eating her rug, everything he does he gets away with because he is young or small,
he is a naughty little mutt who gets all his own way. They should have sent him to Cheshire or the moon would be better.
Bye for now

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cute ellie said...

Ellie (aka Flossie) and Spike (aka Elfin) have settled into their new homes really well, after a long journey. They slept for most of the 3hr car ride.
It was fun, if slightly mayhem!, watching them meet their new
friends, Jess, my grandson's 5yr old (male!) forever schnauzer, and
Trixie, my daughter's lovely colliex foster dog.
After the excitement I took Ellie to her new home with me, a few
minutes drive from my daughter's.
She is sooooo adorable and tiny (now she's had a haircut!).
She loves cuddles and belly rubs and, at present, is lying on my knee whilst I am typing. She loves to follow me everywhere, even to the loo!
She is very curious and has loved exploring my garden, playing hide and seek amongst the trees and bushes and racing around the grass.
At first she seemed very puzzled by the planes that fly over my house coming in to land at Liverpool Airport. They are very noisy and very low. However, it hasn't taken her long to get used to them.
The day after their arrival, all three schnauzers had a bath, then
Ellie and Spike had a much-needed haircut!! Spike has a black stripe
right down the middle of his back. Someone asked if it had been painted on! They were then taken to the pet shop for some toys and Ellie chose her own really squishy, comfy bed.
Ellie loves walking along the country lanes, headland and the park in the village where I live. She also enjoys meeting up with her brother Spike, Jess and Trixie almost every day, when we sometimes have a family outing on the fields by my daughter's, with Jules and Sam, and Jules' friend and her two young children. We also go to nearby Nature Reserves alongside the River Mersey with all the dogs. Ellie loves racing alongside Jess and will already come back on recall. She already recognises her name - it's as if she has always been called 'Ellie'.
Spike loves his new home with Jules and Sam. He's having lots of fun playing with Jess, and sometimes plays with Trixie. He totally ignores Kelly - Jules' 16yr old cat.
Thank you Bobbie, John and Brenda, and also Sylvia, for looking after Ellie and Spike until they found their loving, forever homes.
I hope you are enjoying your holiday Bobby and you will not miss Ellie and Spike too much when you return to John's.
Ellie has been trying to press the keys whilst I have been on my
laptop. I have had to re-type this message twice 'cos she deleted it!!
She told me she was trying to find the right keys to thank you all as well and she wants to send a big sloppy kiss to Bobby - X
Spike has also asked me to say 'thank you Bobby for sharing your space with him'.
If you want to see pictures of Ellie and Spike with their new friends please go to and click on Dogpages forums, scroll down to General forums and click on 'Other questions and dog chatter'.
Look for 'Our New Furbabies' by jj0. Hope you like the photos.